A Higher Calling

Benoit Le Chevallier
We in adult entertainment have a purpose. We offer a window of relief, instantaneous satisfaction, a realized fantasy, a pleasure of the moment. When our focus is purely on financial gain, we lose touch with our customers. When site owners can connect with their customer base and deliver an experience that teases just the right way, you have a winner. Money then comes naturally. I believe that the universe provides us all with the money and energy we need to do what we need to do. When webmasters deliver an experience that turns them on, it will come through in their product, and they will keep rebills for a long time. Influential components of success are a quality product, consistent customer experience, frequent communications and collecting anonymous feedback.

I am so happy to be part of the adult industry today, as the old rules become obsolete and the younger generations are looking more to enjoy themselves than to satisfy the cultural and familial traditions. Being on the Internet side of the industry is even more of a blessing, as it is rapidly taking over information distribution and commerce. I predict that within the next three years, we will reach a tipping point where commerce will happen in the majority online. Today, there is a huge opportunity for anyone to establish an online presence. Once the tipping point is reached, well grounded, web-based businesses will experience a surprising boost in their results. I believe that companies dominating the adult market tomorrow will be those that will stay close to trends, follow the accelerated technical evolution of means of delivery, offer an honest and relevant product with reliable customer service, and always look for more efficient processes.

Promoting porn and living spiritually can happen simultaneously. Even better, they mix perfectly. The paradox comes from using porn — I prefer to call it adult entertainment, which is what it truly is — and spirituality in the same sentence.

Adult entertainment is an industry, with business rules that apply to any industry, and with a product offering that matters first and foremost, since it is the reason for a business to exist. Spirituality can be a big, scary word, even though it is just the reality of life. Dogmas and religions are different judgments from the mind of one universal concept. I am talking about life beyond the material realm, the whole of life.

Pathway to Enlightenment
My spiritual practice is what makes me able to keep a fast life in the adult industry and stay myself. Two simple practices are breathing consciously and drinking water. These two simple acts bring clarity in our life and especially to the business we are involved in. When we are clear in our mind, we can make clear decisions, which deliver predictable results. This applies to all relationships within a business, whether between bosses and staff, among employees or with the customer and contractors.

Right now, the only thing we can trust and rely on is that we actually just “are,” then we become one with everyone. Sex is an exchange of energy, and the stronger the connection, the stronger the exchange. Reality content is a good way to deliver this spontaneous sexual experience to the public.

Photographers who connect with talent deliver true excitement on film.

As a benefit to our industry, I believe that today humanity is growing up to adulthood. For centuries, rules have dictated acceptable behavior, and societies as a whole have considered sex to be taboo. We are human, we have natural instincts, and as part of survival, we have to mate.

What happens when facing interdictions is we lie, we hide, and we live secrets. Secrets are the cancer of society, all the way down to the individual. Porn was born in secret and has been used in secret for centuries. The acts depicted vary from violence to pure love, but at the root, the sexual contact remains.

Today, humanity as a whole awakens to its true state of being, accepting the body and human contact. I believe that all we have to do today in adult entertainment is share — especially through the Internet — scenes of sexual exchanges between people who actually enjoy the experience.

When the partners connect, orgasms will be simultaneous, and film crews will not have to wait for cum shots.

From what I have seen, webcams and dating sites are the first ones helping us be ourselves. The anonymity remains, and at the same time, people talk about their experience on the web to their friends.

As humans liberate and become ourselves, sex will become more accepted, and online sex will become regular practice through online cams. Content will become obsolete, and live action will take over.

Take a deep breath, and thank yourself for this act of kindness.

Benoit Le Chevallier is managing director for Express Submit, www.expresssubmit.net. His personal project is www.pangaeaproject.com.

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