Platinum Stages: Top Notch Performance

Amanda Chen

Dance poles are delivering a whole new degree of entertainment in the comfort of your own home. Now one of the world’s largest dance pole manufacturers in the U.S. and U.K., Platinum Stages features an extensive product line of permanent, portable and even free-standing dance poles that bridge the gap between mainstream and adult consumers.

Launched in 2001 by Keither Scheinberg, Platinum Stages has kept inventing numerous new revolutionary products, such as the Glow Pole or the new Star Stand Alone, and a range of completely removable multi-piece and one-piece poles.

As pole dance workouts gain more popularity, Platinum Stages sponsors competitive pole dancing athletes and pole dance competitions.

“My family thought I was in way over my head,” recalls Scheinberg. “They couldn’t fathom the idea of me working towards a law degree and selling dancing poles.”

Realizing the potential of a detachable pole that could be used for parties and home entertainment, Scheinberg decided to keep the business going and produce more poles.

Platinum Stages mainly sold poles for events, strip clubs and bars, but the mainstream advance of pole dancing for fitness has expanded their business to deliver poles to consumers directly. “Our poles are now in pole dance studios, used for competitions, and even popping up in gyms, explains Scheinberg. “We still appeal to adult industry oriented audiences, but we also appeal to pole dance fitness studio owners and enthusiasts.”

As pole dance workouts gain more popularity, Platinum Stages sponsors competitive pole dancing athletes and pole dance competitions.

Catering to this new demand for poles, Platinum Stages has removable poles available for home use. The poles are easy to assemble and include a step-by-step instruction manual with detailed instructions.

“Our Star Stand Alone freestanding pole assembles and disassembles in less than five minutes and requires no tools for assembly,” says Scheinberg.

One-piece poles feature an easy switch from static to spinning mode for permanent installations that are seen anywhere from professional studios to live clubs. Depending on how tall the pole is and whether the pole is in stainless steel or brass, the price for these poles ranges from $150 up to $900.

Platinum Stages has a lot of exciting goals throughout the year. The new Super Skinny 1.5 in/38 mm pole in stainless steel is available for the Star Stand Alone and as a one-piece, removable pole and the company is releasing a brass version in spring.

“Though we ship our products worldwide, our goal in 2012 would be to keep expanding and to have our poles and products more readily available and easily accessible for the entire world,” Scheinberg said.

Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity performer and world champion pole dancer Felix Cane will be the spokes model for Platinum Stages’ special aerial pole launching later in the year.


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