Infographic Compares Top-Selling Interactive Sex Toys for Men

Jared Rutter

Sex Games Report, in conjunction with The Virtual Sex Review, has created an infographic comparing the top two interactive sex toys for men, the RealTouch and VStroker.

Data for the infographic was compiled from user surveys, interviews with company representatives, product reviews performed by The Virtual Sex Review and statistics from web analytics service providers.

Compilation of the data for the study took over two years, but that was mostly time spent obtaining survey responses from our audience of regular blog readers.

Ed, managing director for the report, told XBIZ, “Compilation of the data for the study took over two years, but that was mostly time spent obtaining survey responses from our audience of regular blog readers. Other time invested was for ongoing interviews both in person and via email correspondence, performing hands-on product reviews, secondary market research and developing the infographic itself. I’d estimate there were 100 person-hours invested in this project.”

The RealTouch and VStroker, which have been around for several years, “have recently undergone substantial upgrades allowing for better integration with third party content providers,” Ed said. “We believe that the addition of integrated web cam services in particular will have a tremendous positive impact on adoption of these technologies.”

According to Ed, the web cam services niche market is less pricesensitive than traditional adult content industries and has long been a facilitator for new technologies such as HD web cams, 3D content, video ads and more.

“The web camera market,” he said, “can increase sales of these devices in three ways. First and most obvious, this is a huge new vertical market for the device manufacturers. They can participate in many ways: a) selling hardware; b) charging licensing fees for use of the devices; c) developing their own web cam services. RealTouch appears to be offering its own service right out of the gate. They have a limited number of models but they are keeping 100 percent of the revenue. VStroker will be partnering with an existing webcam service provider. They have been working with with their older version of VStroker.”

Secondly, Ed explained, “this new vertical market is much less price-sensitive than pornography and much bigger than games. Several factors are responsible for that, but mainly, consumers can obtain a two-hour porn movie for free and even when purchased it might be only a few dollars. Compare that with cam services that are often $100 for a 15-minute hardcore session. These consumers are accustomed to opening their wallets and spending hundreds per month. Buying a device for $200 to enhance their experience is a fairly easy sell. Spending $200 for a device to watch a $2 porn movie is not such an easy sell.”

The third way, he pointed out, is that “consumers who have already invested in the device to use with cam services are more likely to invest a few more dollars into regular content — porn — that’s already available from the device manufacturers.”

The infographic prepared by the two media companies covers key product features, pricing strategies, a list of top available adult performers and key web traffic stats. The infographic is targeted to consumers interested in the products and industry folks who are looking for strategic partnerships.

“Currently most interactive sex products are designed for men or couples,” Ed said. “There are no technologies I’m aware of that cater specifically to women. Some other products (which do not include devices) are interactive DVDs, 3D sex games, POV porn (from a man’s perspective), and interactive sex simulators such as Virtual Girl.

“While RealTouch and VStroker both have companion devices for women, these are designed mostly for performers — that is, they are designed ultimately to gratify men. There are some applications for couples that are being explored but these are considered small niches compared to cams/porn/games.”

The Real Touch/VStroker infographic is available at and Sex Games Report is a media company established in 2010 that reports news for interactive sex games and related products. The Virtual Sex Review is a media company established in 2007 that writes reviews for adult games, interactive adult products and sextoys.


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