Biker Lube: Born to Be Wild

Scott Ross

Biker Lube is a water-based lubricant launched last year that is designed to appeal to the biker lifestyle. The company offers a product line that reflects a tongue-inc-heek attitude regarding the dangerous stereotypes associated with bikers: cigarette-themed lube packaging, a prison-rape inspired flog handle with a phallic shape dubbed the Prison Head Handle, a billy club-shaped handle with a name that alludes to police brutality (the Bad Cop Handle), and another flog handle inspired by brass knuckles (the Knuckle Head). “It’s not for the faint heart or people who don’t appreciate the attitude,” acknowledges Dave Hagan, founder of Biker Lube. “It also brings the edge in the bedroom as well.”

The company’s products are designed to appeal to more than just bikers. “From the true hardcore biker to the weekend warrior it’s all good. It is a product targeted toward a specific demographic who understands and accepts it freely,” Hagan said, noting that the products appeal to the tattoo and adult entertainment lifestyles as well, not to mention anyone drawn to the dark side of things. And the popularity of “Sons of Anarchy,” the television series that chronicles a motorcycle gang, makes the products appealing even to the mainstream public.

From the true hardcore biker to the weekend warrior it’s all good. It is a product targeted toward a specific demographic who understands and accepts it freely. -Dave Hagan, founder of Biker Lube

The company’s namesake product is available in an eight-ounce bottle that is brushed aluminum with a black pump and flames on the label — designed to resemble standard biker gear. Biker Lube is also available in the Cigpak, packaging inspired by cigarette “hard boxes” — the sturdy cardboard packages for cigarettes. Each Cigpak contains six five-ounce packages of Biker Lube. The Cigpak is available in a “carton” with 10 packs, and also in a case with 100 Cigpaks. “When we manufactured the Cigpak it was because 49-percent of bikers smoke or know what a hard box is,” Hagan explained.

The company’s bestselling item is currently the Knuckle Head flog handle, which is sold separately from the flog tail. The Knuckle Head comes with a warning label that alerts consumers that the head is intended for novelty use only. The warning is necessary because the head is essentially a functional replica of brass knuckles. The warning, included on the packaging, is intended to protect both the consumer and Biker Lube from any legal repercussions that could occur if the item was misused. “Simply this is a novelty item but it is a functional piece. If used in the wrong way it could end with the user in a bad place. Know your local laws to protect you before doing something stupid. You can’t fix stupid,” Hagan told XBIZ.

None of Biker Lube’s flogs are sold as pre-packaged kits, allowing customers to assemble their own unique flog in an homage to the tradition of customizing bikes. In addition to the flogger heads previously mentioned, the company also offers a flogger head shaped like a motorcycle throttle and another that is shaped like an anal plug.

Biker Lube offers two types of tails, one made out of Buffalo leather and one that is made of cow leather. The buffalo leather version is available only in black, while the cow leather version is available in an assortment of colors. The cow leather flog tails are listed as weighing three to five ounces, a variable that occurs due to naturally occurring variances in leather hides. “Not every animal has the same makeup. It’s natural and real — not a machine,” Hagan said, noting that for the same reason the color dyes are absorbed by the leather at different rates ensuring that no two tails are alike.

Biker Lube takes their flog customization to an entirely different level by offering The Cup, a piece that allows consumers to create their own flog tails with whatever material they deem fit. “The evil minds of some want to use different flails for the flogger like chain, wire, elk, deer skin, or rabbit, etc. They have the ability to be different again. Customize, baby.”