Fembot Genre Comes Alive

Colin Rowntree

Over the past 19 years in producing adult entertainment, I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with and develop quite a number of genres and delivery platforms that “thought outside the box” and brought new and innovative products and styles to viewers.

Past technology projects have included bringing Wasteland.com to Roku as the first studio “broadcasting” to IPTV, a interactive BDSM film and platform in conjunction with Saboom, very early developments in mobile and tablets, and working in collaboration with PinkVisual for the early incarnations of the paid “file locker on a cloud” system where viewers can store and view content they have purchased in a safe and secure way, off of their home hard drives and playable on any desktop or mobile device.

The mingling of skin and circuitry can be potently erotic for a Technosexual. Just knowing that a stunningly beautiful woman is a plastic skin covered robot can be an instant turn-on.

As for novel new genre and niche development, I’ve had the pleasure to develop and create unusual works such as a nine-part episodic “vampire porn” series, “Into The Mist,” a reality show documenting the life of a femdom and her real-life husband who is her 24/7 submissive, a full-blown BDSM 3D virtual reality realm and various other genres that are off the beaten path in adult — but very popular with our viewers and members.

And then, just when we thought pretty much every adult niche had been now explored, along came the idea for SciFiDreamGirls.com, an explicit fembot site in episodic video format set in a futuristic world with mad scientist, Dr. Ashley Fires as the architect of exotic fembots who are programmed for everything from sexual servitude to domestic service.

In a collaboration between Wasteland. com and Ashley Fires’ Rebel Base Studios, this very high-tech and unusual site will appeal not only to adult surfers, but science fiction and futuristic gaming affianados alike. Fembots? Robots programmed for sexual servitude? Science fiction as a vehicle for porn?

But that’s only part of this interesting saga.

I asked our co-producer, Jack Kona, to comment on their long history of film making in L.A., how the idea of the fembot genre came into being and how through some twist of fate, their studio ended up moving to New Hampshire - literally 15 minutes away for our Wasteland studio.

Kona fills us in with an inside glimpse into his adult studio:

I met our partner Daniel while I was doing theater in Los Angeles back in the mid-1990s. We worked together doing professional theatre for many years.

Then we got into film and started doing indy shorts and moved into features. In the days before digital video. So everything we shot was film, Super 8mm all the way to Super 35mm.

After years of producing indy features and doing the film festival thing we landed jobs at some major studios. I went to Sony Pictures where I worked for the next decade and Daniel went on to Rhythm and Hues a visual effects post house. When we got into the adult industry we were so used to the mainstream elements of production that we had to pull it back when shooting porn. We had to learn a whole different method to the madness. But we always kept a theatrical flare to all of our videos. I never liked directing just sex scenes. I always want more story, character development, and cool camera shots along with the hot sex.

That’s why this project appealed to us. There is so much we can do with this site. So many different story lines and plots. And the challenging task of producing semi futuristic content and visual effects.

My wife (Ashley Fires) was the original inspiration behind the idea for the site. In 2006 we were shooting a lot of different kinds of fetish clips for Clips4Sale.com. Ashley had come home after a Playboy TV promo shoot and she was playing a sixties mod girl so her hair was teased up and had on cool cat eye make-up. I took one glance at her and thought she looked just like the sexy evil fembots from Austin Powers.

I said before you take off your make-up let’s shoot a video where you are a robot and I control you with a rc remote. I will command you to give me a HandJob and you malfunction while you doing it and you can’t stop! And say things like “Error, Error .... Does not compute!” Ok so it may have sound like a silly idea for a video clip but Ashley was excited and thought it was a brilliant idea. We shot and it turned out to be a very funny clip. But would it be hot? Would someone be able to get off to it? A few days later we released the clip on our C4S studio. And it sold like crazy! For years it was one of our number one clips of all time! We started noticing a lot of traffic coming from a site called FembotCentral.com. We have no idea what the site was but it seemed to be fans of female robots. They were all of these posts about the clip and Ashley. They loved it and thought she was the most prefect Fembot they had ever seen! We started surfing the site and found out there were a lot of people into this kind of fetish. We had heard or done pretty much every fetish out there but had never heard of a Technosexual. The whole world fascinated us.

And now you would have thought we would have done more videos like that immediately. But instead we put that on the backburner and moved on to the other fetish video series we had. Also Ashley had then become the spokesmodel for Clips4sale.com, a role she is still in. But it was always in the back of our minds to one day shoot another robot video.

Why New Hampshire? That is the million-dollar question for all those here and in L.A. We decided to move here in 2011 when my grandfather was in the mid stages of Alzheimer’s. I was raised by them. We had been spending a lot of time back east with my grandparents in Vermont but commuting back and forth was becoming more and more difficult. Our careers and home were in Los Angeles but we both wanted to be closer to help. My wife is a saint. She didn’t care about being in LA but instead was pushing for us to move to the middle of nowhere just to be closer to my family. She loved my grandparents as much as I did. And they think of her as one of their own children. Actually I think they love her more then most of their kids! But we knew doing what we do for a living would be tricky in Vermont. We looked at Boston and the surrounding areas. Then we found out that it was legal to shoot porn in New Hampshire! It took us a while to wrap our heads around that one. Well that was an easy choice. It would be only a few hours from my grandparents and we could shoot porn legally! That was it. After being in New Hampshire for our first real winter we love it! It’s absolutely beautiful.

The first few months here we had decided since we were in a completely new environment that we would do some new types of content. Something totally ... let’s do robots again! And we started filming fembot content. And then the style of it started to take shape. We then decided to make it episodic and join forces with Wasteland as co-producers to greatly expand our set and tech resources. The feedback we received from fans, old and new was tremendous.

What is a Technosexual? We as humans love our machines. Sometimes we feel lost without our laptop, tablet, or alone without our phone. Our machines have been an extension of ourselves since we invented them and soon they will be our lovers too.

Is a humanoid robot a person? Can it love? Is a sex android the objectification of a loving human? Or is it the personification of a binary, formally logical computerized machine?

The mingling of skin and circuitry can be potently erotic for a Technosexual. Just knowing that a stunningly beautiful woman is a plastic skin covered robot can be an instant turn-on. She is a synthetic replica of a lover, and she only does what she’s been programmed to do.

She can walk and talk. She can kiss and lick. And she can have sex all night, whenever you want, as soon as you want and any way you want. And never has a headache!

Would you like some pillow talk with your android afterwards? She can talk tech and get you turned on all over again. She can show you what she’s made of inside. She can open her access panels and show off all her complex electronic circuitry because she knows how much you like to see that. She knows how much you like it when she doesn’t let you forget that she’s a robot.

As this world of science fiction becomes ever closer and more real, we will be testing more and more advanced android prototypes. There is always work to be done in the field of humanoid robotics and there are always breakthroughs to be made.

Kona further explains ...

SciFiDreamGirls .com is the first of it’s kind. It’s something we have wanted to do for a long time. An original episodic website that follows specific plot lines. Recurring sexy characters, that viewers get to know and love. High end production values, cool special effects and of course hardcore sex! We wanted to create that what-happens-next anticipation with every episode. Viewers and talent alike are always very excited to see what the next video holds in store for them!

I love the dynamics between the humans and the fembots. Being seemly in control over a female robot and then having her malfunction and go haywire. Completely out of control. And you do everything in your power to try to fix her. Kind of like a human relationship!

The main storyline revolves around Dr. Fires (played by Ashley Fires) a leading scientist in the field of Robotics and Applied Android Development. She always loved her work and had a vision of a world where robots interacted with humans sexually. Once the head scientist for the HRX Corporation but left when the government tried to weaponize her creations. Dr. Fires starts her own experimental Android division. Creating her own HRX (Humanoid Robotic Experiments) model, the Ashley 3000 (also played by Ashley Fires) is far more advanced then any of the past HRX’s. She is the very first fully functioning Sex Android. Build with for the sole purpose of providing pleasure the Ashley 3000 will be able to satisfy any human’s sexual fantasy.

When the evil HRX Corp. catches wind of Dr. Fires’ new prototype, they do everything in their power to capture the Ashley 3000. They send their own evil HRX Fembots to try to bring her in and they are met with one exploding orgasm after another. Dr. Fires combats the corporation by creating more Fembots and constantly upgrading Ashley 3000 to make her even more powerful. After many attempts The HRX Corp. finally prevails and Ashley 3000 is captured and reprogrammed. But a Spybot is sent to break her out and Ashley 3000 escapes and is now out in the world encountering one sexy adventure after another.

Colin Rowntree is founder and CEO of Wasteland.com, the Internet’s oldest and most popular BDSM and alternative sexuality site. Since launching Wasteland in 1994, Rowntree has developed a network of sites that encompasses the full breadth of adult business sectors, from content production and distribution to affiliate program management, mobile content delivery to transaction processing, just to name a handful.