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There is a thread on XBiz' Content Corner Message Board concerning the 'Type of Model' that most people tend to prefer. Our friend Lopix had a few thoughts to share that echo the feelings of many other gentlemen, and provide a marketing hint that shouldn't be ignored: reality rules!

I am wondering where the porn industry is going these days. So much of what I see seems to be based on unattainable ideals. While I admit that there is nothing wrong with fantasizing, I am personally not someone who enjoys taking it to ridiculous extremes. Why does it seem that so many female 'porn stars' are the same cookie-cutter blonde, inflated-breast, over-made-up, 'Barbie dolls?'

Personally, that is not for me. I prefer looking at girls that I might have a chance of going home with. Is not this a major part of the whole fantasy thing imagining yourself in the situation? While I know that guys are mainly visual creatures, would it not turn you on more to see a girl that looked like the one you saw in the bar on the weekend, rather than the surgically altered creatures that inhabit so many sites out there today?

I prefer realism - more than boobs larger than my head, or the ability to take on five guys at once. I want to see that sly look, that innocent pose, that sort of thing. When I am walking down the street, I do admit that a killer body or skimpy clothes will make me have a second look. But a rare muscle car will do the same thing.

And yes, makeup is not natural, but some is okay, unless it looks like it was slathered on with a putty knife. Sometimes, none at all is a good thing. As for dieting or weightlifting, there is nothing wrong with being in shape, but surgical alteration starts to border on wrong. If you are having the fat sucked out of your thighs once a month, that is no good. Riding the bike a few times a week and staying in shape; this is good.

It is the natural girl, the girl-next-door, that really makes me think. She is the one I will still be thinking of the next day. I guess there are more of me out there, seeing as how the amateur niche is taking off so well, but I don't think it is the most popular niche out there. But, some like the tall blonde with the fake hair and tons of makeup and humungous boobs with painted on tan lines. That is for them. Other people like to have sex with stuffed animals; that's their bag.

Same with a lot of the shoots, they seem to be a little too overt for me. Some over-tanned piece of leather with boob-job scars and more makeup than Tammy-Faye, lying on her back with her lunch meat in my face, is not what I want to see. Think back to some of your very first sexual encounters, what was it that got you going, besides the simple fact that you were getting some? Likely it was the exploration, the timid pace, the suggestion of something naughty.

And why are we so hung up with the end result of male pleasure? For me, some of the most exciting photos are those that capture the raw emotion and pleasure of the woman involved. Seeing a girl lying there looking bored, sorry, next. That is just not appealing. I want to see someone who is enjoying what they are doing, in pictures as well as in real life. While I am not advocating some sappy Harlequin BS, which is as fake as anything else, I am saying that the best porn has everyone involved obviously enjoying themselves.

When you are with a woman, are you there just because you are tired of pulling it yourself, or are you there to give and receive? For me, half the fun and pleasure is in the giving. If she is not getting off, there is no way I will be. When she is enjoying herself, that makes it all the better for you as well! You will both be into it far more than if it is just some quickie for one person to get off. Never mind what you will get in return; is she feeling as good as you can make her feel?

I hear a lot of people saying that porn showing women's pleasure is for women, but I digress. While I am not advocating some sappy Harlequin BS, which is as fake as anything else, I am saying that the best porn has everyone involved obviously enjoying themselves. When she is into it, it doesn't matter as much about looks or bodies, it is about losing yourself in the moment and getting everything out of it you can.

Anyway, that is how I feel about so much of the emptiness and falsity in a lot of the adult material out there. While many do enjoy it, let's stop now and then to appreciate women just the way they are.

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