How Security and Privacy Concerns Affect Business


Many Webmasters do not consider how a lack of security and the fear of an invasion of privacy are adversely affecting their business. This often causes the adult business to not operate at its full potential; a situation which Webmasters can resolve by facing the issues of Online Security and Privacy Protection.

Security and privacy not only affects an adult website surfer, but it also affects the business of an Adult Webmaster. These issues scare adult surfers into removing their Internet trail, and this stops two very important processes that generate repeat website traffic through adult websites. These important processes are book marking, and storing their passwords on their computers.

Bookmarks and passwords are an important factor in generating repeat website traffic through websites and password protected membership areas. It's also a free method of exposure that is always overlooked. As you know, book marking allows a surfer to save YOUR website to his computer, but if he knows he is leaving a trail on his computer he won't save it...

Where does this leave the adult Webmaster?
There is also the problem of your customers losing or misplacing their passwords, which results in lost revenue for you. Think about it, they lose their passwords; you lose a paying customer as they can always join another adult site but you lost them forever.

This article is not meant to scare you, but it's to inform you how online security and privacy issues are limiting the amount of repeat traffic through your website and / or password-protected members areas. This obviously causes lower sales figures, and a decrease in exposure that reduces the amount of advertising space you have to offer.

If your business depends on subscriptions, or website traffic to sell advertising space, then this issue needs to be looked into. New traffic should always be welcomed, but you need to do everything in your power to make sure they can find their way back to you! You may have a great website, but I wonder how many people forget your website address when they leave your site, or get pulled away because a console kicks in, and the surfer panics and closes everything in his task bar?

Did you know that I could go out, and purchase software for $75 that would enable me to steal information from anybody's computer, directly from my own computer? This is not a secret, this software can be found on all major search engines. These are the types of concerns adult surfers are facing these days, and there is only one person suffering, and that is the adult Webmaster. These children are the next generation of Internet business people, and they are being taught to use the internet from an early age.

As a responsible adult Webmaster, you also need to appreciate that children can also easily stumble across a bookmark of your website. Adult websites are not a place for a minor, and with all the types of software available today, nothing can 100% guarantee a child couldn't go through a bookmark, onto an adult website. These children are the next generation of Internet business people, and they are being taught to use the internet from an early age. There is only one way to safeguard a child clicking an adult bookmark, and that is not having them on your computer in the first place.

The simple fact is, computers are not a safe place to store sensitive information on, and as more surfers begin to appreciate this, the greater the problem will become, especially for the adult industry.

A New Solution
If only you could offer an alternative to storing information on home computers, and getting the information OFF your customers computer and into a safer and more secure system!

Well, now you can, SexyEntry members browse the internet knowing that their passwords and bookmarks are completely secure in a one stop resource that only they have access to. This resource is the sister site of the hugely successful 4Entry network. They are out of reach from Children, and in a system that is protected by many layers of Internet security. This site is so private and secure; it's the virtual equivalent of a safety deposit box.

It is in the adult Webmaster's best interest to address the security and privacy concerns of his site's visitors, a situation which will only grow in importance; and those Webmasters who can overcome these problems will be one step ahead of those who can't.

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