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Stephen Yagielowicz

Small businesses today, including porn companies, require tools, alerts and expert insights, in order to make the most out of social media marketing methods.

Like it or not, we live in an increasingly connected world, where the demands of being in touch crossover into new opportunities for promoting products and services. Managing all of these communications channels can be a daunting task, however, with many tech-forward companies seeking a solution for automating the process.

Like it or not, we live in an increasingly connected world, where the demands of being in touch crossover into new opportunities for promoting products and services.

Enter Postling (, whose software and service provides businesses with the tools, alerts and insights needed to get the most out of social media marketing in 2013’s extremely competitive marketplace.

According to Postling, it monitors what people are saying about your business from your social inbox — keeping an eye on the latest reviews posted on Yelp, TripAdvisor, City-Search and more.

“Postling is your all-in-one inbox for all social activity about your business,” states a company rep. “Read and respond to comments left on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube [accounts and receive alerts] whenever a word or phrase you are tracking — like the name of your business or a phrase used by your potential customers — is published on Twitter, Facebook, Google News and WordPress.”

Postling also lets users publish content to popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook Photos, YouTube and more, with a smart workflow that ensures you’ll always be doing it the right way.

Posts can be written ahead of time and schedule for publication whenever you want; with the ability to manage and respond to social media activity via e-mail, including the useful daily digest e-mail that recaps all of the recent activity on all of your accounts; plus the ability to see your newest comments, reviews, and tracking results in one place, along with other features, make Postling worth checking out.

“Our Suggestion Engine helps you work smarter by automatically suggesting things you might want to do,” the spokesperson added. “For example, Postling will monitor your new Twitter followers and tell you when a new follower has a high Klout influence score [and we’ll also] alert you to new 5-star reviews.”

While there are other companies offering tools with similar functions, one thing that sets Postling apart is its Social Reputation Management and Monitoring service, which is an effective and simple way to avoid having to do all of it yourself.

Part of LocalVox, Postling’s social reputation management team helps clients with the overwhelming number of social media services that are out there including Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, CitySearch, FourSquare and Google+ Local.

Adhering to best practices in order to protect its clients while maximizing results, LocalVox’ says its team of social media experts monitors client’s online conversations — targeting and attracting new customers by encouraging and responding to reviews, posts and tweets to increase positive word of mouth advertising.

According to the company, its Reputation Management service is designed to turn loyal customers into champions of your business while connecting you with influential voices, press and organizations and is priced from $99-$249 per month.

A free Postling app is now available for iPhone users, with an Android version coming soon. The application allows users to easily manage everything via their phone — reading and responding to comments, publishing new posts, and monitoring selected keyword tracking results from the palm of their hand.

“Whether you’re on the go or on the beach,” the spokesperson concluded, “You can now stay on top of everything from your iPhone.”