Partner Accounts for Profit

Paul Davis
Partner accounts here, partner accounts there; it seems like it’s all about getting them, with these two words being seen more and more on the various online adult industry message boards, resource sites, blogs and chat forums: “Hunting for partner accounts,” “seeking PA’s” and other attempts at partnership mining – those are the trend setters – adult webmasters constantly looking for new partner accounts.

Every webmaster would like to have as many PA’s as possible, becoming a partner with many of the TGP/MGP sites in order to increase traffic and profits. Although getting PA’s is essential, the process is not easy most of the time. However, from personal experience, I can tell you that finding, requesting and buying partner accounts is a great (and often the only) way for gallery submitters to move forward in the business today.

What Are Partner Accounts?
Submitting galleries back in 1999, I would never imagine that one day I will have to ask TGP/MGP sites for partner status. But as the industry grew up and more and more adult webmasters entered the business, the pressure on TGP/MGP sites was increasing rapidly. The big problems included cheaters and the same old content submitted over and over again. Therefore, sometime around 2002, the first paid partner accounts started to appear. Now, what does partner account (PA) mean exactly? A partner account is a relationship between the TGP/MGP owner and gallery submitter (adult webmaster) based on trust, personal experience, quality and professionalism, where both sides need each other in order to keep working and growing.

Basic Types of Partner Accounts
There are basically two options for obtaining PA’s: one is free, where you request an account based on sample galleries submitted via e-mail to the TGP/MGP owner or via a standard partner request form on the TGP/MGP site. The second type of account is paid, where you can submit your galleries to the TGP/MGP site only after you have paid a specified fee. The prices vary from site to site and they might cover submissions for a month or more, and sometimes for life. In either case, the goal is to create a long-term business relationship between the site and submitter.

There are literally no limits to this – it all depends on how much people are willing to spend on each site and its account. Most of the time, the fact that you have paid does not guarantee you the listing of your galleries, and it also does not mean that you will get the desired traffic. Again, based on experience, I can tell you that over the years, I have tried to work with many sites; with most of them, fortunately, it was a nice cooperation, but in this business, you always have to be prepared for loss. I have for example submitted to sites that advertised 100,000 visitors per day; however they only sent 50-100 hits to my gallery. What can be done? Well, I personally put such a site on my private blacklist and quickly forget about it.

How to Get Partner Accounts
A couple of years ago, the different adult webmaster boards seemed to be the best source for PA’s, allowing submitters to bring their sample galleries to the attention of TGP/MGP owners. However, there were too many threads on this same topic and those requesting new partner accounts could not be satisfied, because site owners just can not spend all of their time at adult webmaster boards looking for quality galleries.

The quantity of sites is also an issue, as the number of TGP/MGP sites has grown from a handful in the 90’s to thousands today. Therefore it is no longer feasible for a person to manually track and manage his or her partner accounts and request status without an effective tool, such as Chameleon’s Partner Account Requester.

Time is Money
The number of sites accepting their galleries from partners only is constantly growing; the days when only 10-15 sites demanded partner accounts are gone: today there are hundreds of TGP/MGP sites (with new ones coming everyday) as well as existing sites ending public submissions and dealing only with partners. If you looked for these sites on your own and talked to each separately, you could hardly manage to do anything else and if you have no time left, the question is when do you submit galleries and make money?

Chameleon Partner Account Requester saves time, allowing you to focus on making money with submissions, rather than chasing partner status. Features include a database of TGP/MGP sites requiring or offering PA’s, with all sites set up according to the site’s rules, as well as easy gallery importation from Chameleon Submitter. A manual request tool aids dealing with sites that don’t accept automated requests.

The latest version of Chameleon Partner Account Requester also offers gallery duplication with automatic insertion of recips defined by category, so you can easily request PA’s from sites which require reciprocal links on sample galleries; an advanced database search tool; gallery statistics and summary records of all payments for partner accounts as well as the payment methods accepted by the sites. Of course, you can always add your own sites to the database, customizing it to your needs.

Nothing works immediately, including requesting partner accounts, whether you use a tool or not. You need to be patient – I personally request an account every three months from those sites where I have not had an answer to my requests, and send requests to all of the new sites entering the market. Chameleon Partner Account Requester’s database is updated every other day with new sites being added and sites that don’t work properly being removed – a great help in keeping on top of the process.

Is There Money in Quality?
Yes, there is. We have talked about how to save time – and that “time profit” allows us to spend more time at the places where better quality brings more income. This is especially true when requesting PA’s since you need to show yourself in the best light possible, because if your galleries are not unique and interesting enough, you won’t receive too many partner accounts.

I have my sample galleries created by sponsors and graphic designers, with high quality, unique content being the basis of these samples. If the gallery that you’re sending to the TGP/MPG owner has been seen 1000 times before, you won’t succeed. Prepare your galleries properly and make them look the best they can and only use the best of these galleries when requesting a partner account.

If you continue this process, you will eventually get your “dream account” and the money you have spent along the way will be paid back with profit. Remember, your patience is worth gold; don’t just give up if you don’t get your desired partner account the first time you request it. I’m currently working with more than 450 partner accounts, both free and paid, after one year of using Chameleon Partner Account Requester. With time and effort, you can develop that many accounts as well.

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