WIA Profile: Tera Lord Masters

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What is your role and responsibility at Guerrilla Traffic?

My role at Guerilla Traffic is varied. I train new salespeople, generate new sales and new webmasters, buy and search new ways to advertise

My role at Guerilla Traffic is varied. I train new salespeople, generate new sales and new webmasters, buy and search new ways to advertise to both webmasters and surfers, and I also generate traffic on my own. I like to stay busy; it keeps me interested and also keeps me up to date on new trends. The different ways to generate traffic have always interested me and with the field changing every day, it's fun to stay on top of things.

Give us a typical Monday at your desk?

First I go through the hundreds of emails I always seem to have, then I go to my stats. I examine what traffic was sent to me, how it converted and which spots could use improvement. I go through people's accounts and contact those who might need assistance. Then I go through all my other projects and make sure everything is going smoothly. I always write a to-do list on Friday, and once all my daily tasks are handled, I start to tackle that list. I am a list person. I love to check things off.

What do you think is your greatest challenge or asset being a woman in the adult industry?

I actually like being a woman in this industry, most of the time. I like to see different sides of life, and this industry has definitely given me that. People are always curious how it is to be a woman in this industry, but I don't find it terribly difficult. One of the biggest challenges is getting noticed, since most of the outings at conventions are for the men, like golf, strip clubs, those type of events. Being a woman and actually doing these things with a huge group of men can be tough, but if you can have fun and morph into just one of the guys, then everything goes smoothly. The greatest asset is just being a woman. Nobody likes a sausage party.

What strategies do you use to maintain balance in your life?

For me, I go to the office every day and work all day, and I try to get all my stuff done during that time. By the time evening comes around, I live my life, eat dinner, go out with friends and check stats only a few times a night just to make sure all is well. I don't have a tough time balancing my life. I work out and eat right and live a healthy, active lifestyle. I think that helps a lot. My sleeping routine is now perfected, and balance seems to come naturally

What advice would you give other women who want to enter your field?

Stay strong and don't take every situation so seriously. There have been a lot of moments in this industry where I have either wanted to slap somebody, or I think to myself, “What the hell am I doing here?” If you can learn to laugh and be judgment-free, for the most part, you have a fighting chance. There are a lot of different walks of life in this industry, and you have to learn to like that part. Also, being outgoing is always a plus.