CyberNet Expo: Lessons Learned

Stephen Yagielowicz
Montreal is now a fond memory; people are back home, the dust has settled, and the emails are flowing… We’ve had a chance to take stock of what we’ve learned at CyberNet Expo , and today I would like to share a few of these lessons with you:


A Lasting Impression
Steve ( started the show off ‘right’ for me. He remembered something that I had said at a previous Webmaster convention, where I had used the metaphor of a bank’s change counting machine to describe the concept of traffic filtering. You know, where they take all of your loose change and then toss it into a big metal hopper that swirls it round and round, until the pennies fall into one slot, nickles, dimes and quarters into their respective places – all based on the best ‘fit.’ Understanding this is a key to knowing how to deal with traffic, which is the foundation for success in this business.

It was the fact that he remembered me saying this that illustrated the value of attending the seminars at the various adult Webmaster trade shows. These forums provide an unparalleled opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information that is truly ‘memorable,’ and more than justify the travel expense and inconvenience of participating in these shows. For newbies who want a quick ‘jump start’ to the more experienced veterans who want to keep abreast of the latest trends and legal issues facing our industry, the shows are invaluable.

Words of Wisdom
Claude and Fred (, along with their staff and models, provided a glimpse of Montreal hospitality that was both memorable – and appreciated. Highlighting the launch of their new ‘Bruno B’ site (, they had an aggressive presence at the show that proved that the adult industry is alive and well in Canada. Lady Jag and I were treated to a private tour of their impressive studio complex, that is set up to handle both still and video work, and capable of providing a variety of environments to suit nearly every production need. It will keep many pay sites stocked with fresh, quality images for years to come.

It was something that Claude said to me, though, that will remain the number one lesson that I took away from CyberNet Expo: "You need to learn how to speak French!" To him it might have been a passing remark about my inability to communicate as well as I would like to north of the border. To me, though, it was a brilliant illustration of the global nature of our business: Not only do I, or more importantly, my sites, need to "speak French" but Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and German – the list goes on!

Claude’s words replayed over and over again in my head throughout the show and in the days since. It was not that I didn’t "know" that we live in a global marketplace where an ever smaller percentage of users each year speak English as their primary language, but before Montreal, it never somehow seemed "real" to me. So now, my advice to all of you is (in the words of my friend Claude), "You need to learn how to speak French!" I see them building a vast empire, one block at a time, and anticipate that they will be one of the long-term players in this industry; survivors long after any future ‘shakeout.’

Gone Fishin’
Hungryman (, an ambitious, fun loving gentleman, was enthusiastic about an advertising methodology that he’s been working on that seems to hold great promise for the adult industry. Since traditional advertising vehicles such as banners and buttons have become less effective, and excessive pop-up ads, spam, and other more intrusive advertising approaches fall further under US legislative scrutiny, new approaches to reaching the customer must be investigated, and Hungryman is doing just that.

While I am not certain of the full details of his plan, his approach allows free form advertising and engaging user messaging techniques that could allow virtually any Webmaster to increase his advertising effectiveness.

Powerful Partners
Finally, it was the Cash Partner ( team that I left Montreal thinking about. Unable to join them for brunch due to Kitten taking ill, I was disappointed that I could not spend more time with them, and discuss some of their ideas further. Organized and methodical, they seemed to share my own passion for data analysis, and were asking all of the ‘right’ questions. I see them building a vast empire, one block at a time, and anticipate that they will be one of the long-term players in this industry; survivors long after any future ‘shakeout.’ These folks are all business, and while I would not like to compete against them, those looking for a new sponsor might be hard pressed to find a program that will surpass theirs. Innovative and apparently quite trustworthy, this team is a winner!

Once again, the level of interaction many people enjoyed in Montreal was made possible by the low keyed, intimate networking environment of CyberNet Expo. I hope Fay will continue this show, for its benefits are far reaching, and a worthwhile experience. Thanks again Sharpie!
~ Stephen