Making Magic — Magic Silk, Male Power Stay on the Cutting Edge

Lyn Bimey

Renowned in the industry for its flashy packaging and robust offerings consisting of more than 30 collections in a variety of categories, Magic Silk was born of a rich history in the apparel business that began with brand’s male counterpart, Male Power.

Sam Baker founded Male Power in 1975 in Bay Shore, Long Island, following a lengthy career manufacturing sport shirts and neckties. In 1992, his son Jeff Baker founded Magic Silk in Hauppauge and brought both companies together under one roof following Sam Baker’s retirement in 2001.

We do not skimp on materials and our fabric and trim choices are only made after passing the test of quality, stretch, fit and comfort. -Jeff Baker, Magic Silk

“Male Power is committed to manufacturing a high quality standard of sexy, trendy and stylish men’s undergarments,” Jeff Baker said. “Magic Silk does the same for women under the brands Exposed, Cheap Thrills and Hot Angel, in addition to others. Several of the collections from each company coordinate, allowing for his and hers matching sets. Between both companies, we offer one-stop shopping for all sexy categories for both men and women.”

Magic Silk’s brands span across a variety of categories, including lingerie, costumes, clubwear, fantasy dress up, novelty boy shorts and fetish bondage wear. Among the company’s most popular brands is its Exposed collection.

Male Power’s focus is on sexy male undergarments with more than 48 unique collections including sexy fishnet, leatherlook fetishwear, bamboo underwear, novelty underwear, plus many varieties of sexy sheer collections including mesh and lace undergarments.

“In regards to our product lines, we go to great lengths to make sure that size specs and quality standards are met,” Jeff Baker said. “We always inspect in three stages: pre-production, during production, and post production. We do not skimp on materials and our fabric and trim choices are only made after passing the test of quality, stretch, fit and comfort. All of this is achieved while maintaining a very competitive price structure.”

When it comes to product development, Baker says several factors come into play, including style, fit and price.

“All fabrics and trims we use must have excellent stretch and must be soft to the touch,” Baker said. “A good fit is critical and all collections are tested to be sure they meet our sizing and quality standards.

“We have weekly meetings to make sure all departments stay on track. These meetings create an opportunity for senior team members to share insights and solve problems. We address present and future concerns allowing us to strengthen the company and our relationships with customers. We break into small groups daily for more focused brainstorming sessions. These meetings are the foundation that allows us to deliver great service and product to our customers.”

According to Baker, the Male Power and Magic Silk team goes above and beyond to outshine the competition.

“Our graphic design team has developed the strongest selection of packaging in the industry,” Baker says. Through all of our brands, we offer the largest variety of highly creative packaging in the industry. We have more than 14 unique designs and we continue to explore new ways to keep our packaging fresh and in great demand. The industry is calling for packaging that jumps off the walls and our graphic design team continues to meet the challenge.”

The Magic Silk and Male Power brands are also supported by a strong dedication to customer service.

“Customer support is our number one priority,” Baker said. “We are fanatical when it comes to pleasing our customers and we understand that we achieve our success only when our customers achieve their success. We see our customers as our partners and we work daily to gain their trust. This is the key to building strong relationships and it is what we thrive on.

“Our customer service is second to none. Response time is from seconds to minutes. Our philosophy is that the customer must be our first priority. If there is a question or a problem, there should be no delay in communication.”

Magic Silk and Male Power also offer marketing support to its clientele in the form of in-store displays and promotional material.

“Magic Silk and Male Power offer posters, slatwall signage, LED pictures, postcards, custom fliers and more to our valued partners,” Baker said. “We support all events with free promotional product at every opportunity. We make use of our websites ( and to promote our customers and showcase promotional material that we make available to all. We also utilize social networking to promote our customer’s events and to keep the end users up to date on our latest offerings.”

At the upcoming fall edition of the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, Magic Silk will be showcasing six never-before-seen collection. Male Power is slated to debut eight new collections, as well as a new package design and a new 48-page color brochure, Baker says. For retailers, the company will introduce new LED signs and special canvas artwork prints for in-store displays.