Welcome to Stephen’s World

Stephen Yagielowicz
This is the first installment in my new blog, here at XBIZ, The Industry Source. Unlike many of the adult industry blogs, my daily updates won’t focus on “porn chick” gossip or reviews of the latest video releases, but on the needs of working webmasters, content producers and others involved in the business end of the online adult entertainment industry.

I’ll share some of my favorite tips, tricks, tools and techniques, as well as highlight some of the latest technologies to hit the scene. Whether it’s a useful snippet of code, a new traffic-building strategy, a review of the latest camera to catch my eye, or an opinion on a matter of import to the industry, you can be assured that I’ll let you know about it, in as an informative and entertaining way as possible. Not the usual “just the facts” coverage you’ve come to expect from XBIZ, this column will feature a heavy dose of opinion and personal recommendation that you can make of what you will.

I’m sure that this project will evolve over time, and I hope that you’ll stick around for what promises to be an interesting, rewarding and helpful ride. If there’s anything that you’d like to see me cover here, or have questions or comments about any of my posts, just drop me a line at stephen@xbiz.com – and welcome to my world!