Ann Devine Rhinestone Collection — Precious Playthings

Lyn Bimey

At September’s International Lingerie Show, XGEN Products previewed a new line under the Ann Devine banner. The lustrous new line features 38 styles of rhinestone jewelry and is the latest development for Hong Kong-based Easy Castle, which also operates the Ann Devine chain of upscale lingerie and adult boutiques located in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The company recently tapped Robert Rosen, formerly the chief operating office for Baci Lingerie, to serve as president of its product development division.

Now responsible to building awareness of the Ann Devine brand, Rosen sat down with XBIZ Sensuals to give the scoop on the new Ann Devine rhinestone jewelry collection.

[Ann Devine] is a collection of pleasure and sensuality, transforming the women who so wish into women of desire and seduction. -Robert Rosen, Ann Devine

How many styles are in the Ann Devine rhinestone collection?

The Ann Devine rhinestone collection features 38 best-selling styles including, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, chokers, belts, belly chains and more.

What is the pricing on this new line?

Price points are extremely competitive with many being among the lowest prices in the market for certain styles. The majority of the collection will be under $7 wholesale however there are a few big ticket styles included in the collection.

How is this line unique?

The Ann Devine rhinestone collection is a high-quality, sexy accessory range. AD is unique as it will be the first collection of this type of accessory items to be available in a custom designed package which will enable and feature an easy planogram guide. I think that these sexy accessory products are a fairly new category for most retailers and the jewelry category has huge potential to be very successful and generate big sales when the products are displayed and exhibited properly. AD is refining this product category by providing a look and feel that will enhance the customer experience and provide value to the customer.

Who is the target customer for this range?

The target customer for this range is any and all women ages 15–60. There are many exciting styles that appeal to a broad range of customers. From our “Sexy” earrings and Double Rhinestone Stretch Tennis Bracelet for the everyday woman, to our rhinestone garter belt and chokers for the more adventurous woman, there are styles that will appeal to everyone.

Why will women find this collection appealing?

All women have a certain fascination with jewelry, accessories and love to dress up in decadent fashion. AD is a collection of pleasure and sensuality, transforming the women who so wish into women of desire and seduction. AD styles will also appeal to the fashion side of women as styles include classic fashion accessories designed with a certain touch of fetish and sensuality. AD is designed around the idea of catchy exhibitionism with styles being able to be worn in the boudoir or out for a night on the town. The AD rhinestone collection opens a women to a world of intimacy and allows them to transcend everyday life.

How long has the Ann Devine collection been on the market?

The Ann Devine rhinestone collection is brand new and will be available in early January for distribution worldwide. Currently the collection is on the market in Russia where we tested certain styles. The collection has received fantastic reviews from the Russian market and we are extremely excited to roll out the collection worldwide.

What influenced your selection of XGEN for U.S. distribution?

XGEN was the perfect choice for distribution in the U.S. and Canada for the AD rhinestone line. They are one of the best and fastest growing distributors in the US and have a proven track record of being extremely professional and well run. XGEN has the logistical capabilities and large customer base that we were looking for in a distributor. Andy Green is extremely dedicated to building brands and his hard work and ethics are unmatched. Also, AD fits perfectly into XGEN’s product assortment. As a sexy accessory collection it complements a lot of the items they are currently selling which will enable retailers to easily order accessory items from one reliable and convenient distributor.

What kind of retail stores would most benefit from carrying this collection?

The AD range covers a complete array of fashion accessories. The collection features 38 best selling styles, including a full rhinestone bra along with an extremely sexy and fashionable “Hottie” top that can be worn out to the clubs. Other styles include large hoop earrings with the word “Sexy” and more seductive styles such as a rhinestone collar and cuffs for your more playful woman who like to play in the bedroom. The collection is rounded out with necklaces, bracelets, chokers, belts, belly chains and more.

The unique aspect of the AD rhinestone collection is that it can be sold in a wide range of retail stores. From mainstream accessories and boutiques to adult and lifestyle stores, we are developing a collection that has a very high-end look and feel at an affordable price. My vision is to create a collection much in the same way Swarovski did for jewelry and accessories, however with a touch of fetish to be playfully exotic.

This collection is developed to be able to generate sales all 12 months of the year. The Valentine’s Day shopping season is perfect for some of our more exotic styles and women looking to spice up their Valentine’s Day. Our “Sexy” earrings are perfect for any occasion particularly when girls are going out for a night on the town with friends. Our rhinestone bow tie and neck tie is the perfect fashion accessory to wear to any party or gathering. Styles can also be incorporated in events such as bachelorette parties. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen girls walk into a party store or adult store looking for accessories for a bachelorette party asking for accessory jewelry. There is a big demand for these items for such an event and the AD collection is perfectly designed to satisfy that demand. Finally, a huge selling season for this collection will also be Halloween. From our “Sexy” neck tie to our large hoop earring and chokers these items are the perfect complement to a woman wearing a sexy police or naughty nurse costume. We are very excited about the potential and growth of this category and look to be the market leader in fashion accessories.

How does this collection come packaged, and what sort of marketing material is available?

The AD collection comes in a beautifully designed descriptive package. The collection is initially only 38 styles so it is very easy to manage and features an easy planogram guide for optimal display. The collection instantly enhances any retail environment through the high end look and feel of the packaging. Items can also be displayed outside the package on mannequins and jewelry displays which enable the products to reveal their high luster and shining rhinestones thereby creating a jewelry store look and environment. We will be marketing the collection through trade magazines and exhibiting at trade shows worldwide. Currently we are developing displays and pos material for retails store which will be available shortly.

Discuss the popularity and company principles behind the Ann Devine brand.

Ann Devine is an upscale fashion and lifestyle brand that offers the finest in contemporary sexy fashions from around the world to intensify life’s pleasures. Established with the sense that sensual pleasure and fulfillment are paramount to a well-lived life, our collections will provide unique products and styles which encourage exploration of fantasy and desire. Our goal is to design and create hand-selected collections of unique products and indulgences that not only enhance a life of intimacy and romance — but also help create it. Our initial collection of sexy rhinestone jewelry accessories are all stylishly designed, made from the highest quality materials, and packaged with distinctive elegance. Ann Devine will woo your every sense, and remind you that few things are as profound as love and beauty. The Ann Devine brand will provide you with an experience that will transform and release your inner erotic sense.

What are your goals for this brand as the newly minted president of the Ann Devine brand?

I am setting very high goals for myself as well as the brand. My goal is to initially introduce products and collections to the marketplace that are consistent with the Ann Devine concept of high quality fashionable products and to build worldwide recognition of the brand. I want to create a connection with the consumer that the Ann Devine brand is one that they can trust and deliver products that they want to enhance their lives. I want to also set Ann Devine apart from other brands by identifying our products as being better than our competitors and creating products that are different and more unique than others are offering. Ultimately I want Ann Devine to be a brand that people can trust and establish an interest and appeal for our products in the consumers mind.