Sunrise Adams' 'Lust Ranch' dressing

Gram Ponante
Wife-swapping sybarite Acme Andersson sent along the attached picture of a book he found at Borders. I didn't believe him at first.

"It's real," he said. "If Amazon has the option where you can read a few pages of the book I beg you not to take advantage of it."

What is odd is how easy it would be to look at this and think, "This is a book for girls" (aside from the title). Also: what about that picture says "ranch" to you?

Vivid has set up a ghostwriting imprint with New York's Thunder's Mouth Press in which current and former Vivid women like Sunrise Adams, Savanna Samson, and Mercedez will be both the subject of and "authors" of erotica.

Thunder's Mouth also publishes books on zombies, sudoku, and Toxic Avenger novelizations.

I found the website of Jeanne Sullivan, the ghostwriter of Savanna Samson's "Vamp" and Sunrise Adams' "The Lust Ranch".

"Work for hire is a very different experience for me. Seeing my book getting press and interviews, reading about a launch party for my book and the other Vivid Girls Books in New York City that none of the authors were invited to, it all is strange."

Sullivan, itself a pen name, is a divorced single mom who is into the Toronto fetish scene.

"I enjoy writing erotica. Truth be told, I grew up a prude with very traditional values. I graduated high school a virgin, no mean feat for the seventies or for today. However, along the way, after a failed marriage and a couple of kids, I decided that being good hasn't gotten me too far, so what's it like to be bad?"

If I go to more events without a camera, I, too, will have to develop a Life of the Mind and write erotica.

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