She shall be Devon (or shall she?)

Gram Ponante
A reader asks:
Grams, is Devon still with Digital Playground?
Between reports of escorting and passing the dutchie, along with the common porn star problem of bogus MySpace accounts, it is difficult finding the real story, much less The Real Devon.

I asked Digital Playground's Anal Load Lee.

"Devon is not with us. And we didn't keep her name," she said.

An entry on a site that looks like it might have been written by Devon (or our President) reads:

Hey0 whats up!!!!!!!! Man ive been goin through so much stuff lately over people trying to have a piece of me but fuck them. haha. they need to start smoking weed the way i see it. First off i want you all to know if i ever dissapear and you know what i mean, its cuz of my x company. Enough money can make someone not exist besides a stage name. Past that my head is up like always just more motivated. Whoever the fuck you are sending death messages to me and my fiance's private emails have fun getting payed. Here's the whole truth though. As of right now our current investor pulled out of our project becasue i can't use the name devon so they never believed in me personally anyway then. move on:) This shit is still happening but im layin low underground for a bit but wanted to say hi to all my fans. Smoke a bowl for me cuz ive been rippin them for you. On a good note today is sunny and beautiful so thats whats best:)!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is wakeboarding and after that im suppose to learn how to skateboard at this local skatepark. haha. i bet im gonna break my arm or something. lol. Anyway i gotta bounce out of the area for a bit but love you all and catch ya on the flip side. Even if it sounds like im bummed and being negative its nothing like that. I finally see this horrible industry from the outside after kiicking it with tons of cool people away from porn. My email is full of people saying lets boycott digital playground so thats sounds fun to me. haha. real fun!!! oh yeah i saw some funny shit today. i was hanging out by the local taco truck getting some quesadillas and some random bum guy got thrown out of the back of a vans beat up to hell so i gave him my pack of cig's cuz he needed it!!! he wasn't allowed to tell me what happened but we offered him the couch for the night so tonight we might be smoking some fat bowls with this cool homeless guy. haha i love kickin it with everyone. if anyone has every heard the atmosphere song -angelface that song is tight. the most random people in the world can make your day flip from bad to the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!! never make fun of someone homeless because you should ask them thier story instead:) anyway i just smoked a blunt and and gonna go rip my roor. lates everyone. XOXO Kristie

I don't know what's real anymore. One thing is for certain: if "Kristie"'s entry is true, I am going to their neighborhood to impersonate a homeless person. It seems like a really good way to get drugs.

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