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Stephen Yagielowicz

The fast and easy way to transfer big files for free, WeTransfer distributes files up to 2GB each, and offers short codes, custom channels and more.

According to the company, WeTransfer ( is the easy way to transfer big files, allowing users to distribute files (or batches of files) of up to 2GB. Files remain available online for two weeks via the free version, but upgraded service plans are also offered.

File delivery takes a step forward, offering short codes and more.

Using WeTransfer is a breeze. The simple browser-based system features a button for selecting files; a box for the recipient’s email address; and one for your own. There is an area for an optional message; and the interface features a link to helpful tips, as well as a selector for any of the nine languages We-Transfer is available in.

Registration is not required, aiding anonymity and enabling instant access.

Users receive a confirmation email once the files are successfully uploaded, as well as when a recipient has downloaded the file. The email also contains an option to share the file with other users via WeTransfer or to download a copy of the file, and provides a special short link code for easy sharing by anyone with a web browser.

The service profits from the wallpaper-like full-screen ads as well as placements within the notification emails, providing intriguing clues for adult entertainment content marketers seeking new ways to monetize “freemium” content.

Customized WeTransfer channels may also hold appeal for adult promoters, due to their branded URL, customizable wallpaper, and personalized email backgrounds.

Files remain available for four weeks with this premium service, which is priced at $120 annually. There are no ads by WeTransfer on your channel.

WeTransfer is also useful for designers, developers, editors, photographers, producers and other users that need to quickly transfer large files while promoting their services.

Branded WeTransfer channels are accessible to everyone via their own unique URL, for example,, allowing all visitors to send files while enjoying your customizable wallpaper backgrounds.

Altogether, WeTransfer is a handy tool with a variety of applications — give it a try and see if it makes sense for your business’ (and personal) digital file sharing needs.