Dev Depot: Raven Automates SEO, Social Marketing

Stephen Yagielowicz

According to Raven Internet Marketing Tools (, its suite of more than 30 solutions allows users to precisely execute online marketing strategies, saving time and preventing frustration.

Raven allows users to command their SEO campaigns with authority, measuring the progress and success of their campaigns, while organizing and monitoring conversations and mentions on dozens of social media networks with ease.

Raven represents a lot of marketing muscle that could catapult your online business into the fast lane.

The company boasts that its tools will enable website traffic builders to navigate PPC campaigns to profitability by discovering a keyword pot of gold, while impressing clients or other stakeholders with comprehensive campaign reports.

Raven’s integrated toolset combines functions so that various modules communicate with each other; so that, for example, the Keyword Manager talks to the Link Manager, homogenizing tasks that relate to all of them.

Many tools work with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, enabling users to view their conversion goals and traffic volumes for keywords, as well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account data and more.

SEO Research tools include comprehensive domain details — including back-links, plus top links for targeted keywords and a quality analysis of a website’s trustworthiness.

Link and Keyword Managers allow users to store and manage thousands of links and keywords respectively, while Google AdWords, SEMRush and Wordtracker integration lets users leverage these popular third-party applications.

SEO Campaign Management tools include a SERP Tracker that lists weekly rankings along with six months of history. A CRM stores unlimited contacts, while managers are available for tracking dozens of competitors; remembering key campaign moments; and for categorizing tags, keywords, links and competitors. The Website Directory provides account-wide linking summaries.

A raft of Social Media Monitoring tools include keyword searches of social media and a personalized social media inbox allowing users to monitor and post to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

A Persona Manager keeps your social media credentials in order.

Raven represents a lot of marketing muscle that could catapult your online business into the fast lane. Pricing starts at $99 per month, with an Agency level at $249 monthly. A 30-day free trial is available. Give Raven a try and see if it helps boost the volume, quality and consistency of the traffic to your adult website.