Aneros - Expanding the Experience

Ariana Rodriguez

Last month, Aneros unveiled Evi, an anatomically designed kegel exerciser that breaks free from the standard balls to promote “fitness with orgasmic incentives” with an innovative shape that stimulates as it strengthens. Revolutionary in its own right, Evi also represents a progressive new focus for the Aneros brand.

Founded on the principles of promoting health as well as pleasure, Aneros has received worldwide acclaim with its medically patented line of hands-free prostate stimulators first introduced in 1996. With the tagline “Anything Else is Just a Toy,” Aneros has established a legion of fans by appealing to health-conscious male consumers — best described as “lifers” according to Aneros CEO CT Schenk.

The best way to break the taboo is through womenw When it comes to sex, women are more open-minded.

“People that have achieved the Aneros experience describe the unique sensations created by using their own body to reap the benefits of the product — it’s up to the individual,” CT says. “The experiences posted on the forum … you just can’t make these up.”

Aneros’ forum is a bustling community of not just “lifers,” but newbies as well. CT says by offering a relaxed, open-minded environment and platform for sharing tips and experiences, many forum users eventually become Aneros customers.

The forum also has served Aneros in gathering the feedback that has inspired new prostate stimulator designs such as the Helix Syn. Introduced earlier this year, the Helix Syn is an upgraded version of its bestselling original Classic Helix prostate massager that’s been refined to offer flexibility, more movement and easier insertion.

“Overcoming goal-oriented thinking is key to enjoying Aneros products,” CT said. “There’s a mystical element to inserting an Aneros product, laying there and feeling the involuntary response from one’s body.”

Nevertheless, CT says that because the average man is goal-oriented by nature, getting men to see past their sexual ambitions, as well as inhibitions, to embrace the benefits of prostate health has its challenges.

“The best way to break the taboo is through women,” CT said. “When it comes to sex, women are more open-minded. It’s more of an emotional and mental experience.”

According to CT, one of the goals of Evi is to bridge the gap between male and female Aneros fans by establishing mainstream appeal. “By not being a sex toy, Evi reaches out to an ‘everyday’ audience of women and the goal is for the Aneros experience to translate to the female demographic.”

Featuring all of the design elements that are synonymous with the Aneros brand, such as hands-free, anatomical design and velvety smooth medical-grade silicone construction, Evi was configured to fit all women and offer sensual stimulation while strengthening PC muscles.

With correct insertion, Evi alternately stimulates the G-spot and clitoris with a simple Kegel exercise, essentially providing pleasurable incentives for Kegel fitness.

Firm enough to pivot and hold its shape while providing comfort; Evi delivers an inner fullness by adapting to the anatomical contours of a woman’s vagina. Contracting and relaxing pelvic floor muscles causes Evi to caress the anterior wall of the vagina known as the G-spot, while externally stimulating the clit. The pace and pressure can be controlled by rocking and twirling the hips, thus offering women versatile stimulation.

“Evi is like training wheels to become in tune with your body,” CT said. “It helps women develop their PC muscles over time — or if their body responds to it immediately, Evi works on its own. Aneros products generally offer a focused sensation that builds over time to achieve the ultimate orgasm.”

After two years in development, Evi debuted at the first-ever CatalystCon conference in Long Beach, Calif., to an audience of sex experts, health advocates and discerning consumers. Among Evi’s first proponents is Ducky Dolittle, a renowned sexpert of more than 20 years.

A self-proclaimed “Kegel monster,” Doolittle has offered her full endorsement of Evi, noting her personal mind-blowing experience with Aneros’ latest revolutionary design and subsequent partnership with the brand after personally contacting Aneros.

“It’s totally unique,” says Doolittle about Evi’s design. “Aneros understands the anatomy unlike any other company.”

With a marketing campaign spanning multiple channels leading up to Evi’s official Oct. 1 street date, the demand from women to be “part of the Evi experience” was established early on. Evi’s skyrocketing popularity is highly visible on “her” Facebook page, where women are opening up to share their need and desire for stronger PC muscles citing both health concerns as well as sexual ambitions.