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Donna Georgescu - Head Of Sales, Partnercash

As a women it’s always a challenge to thrive in an industry which is dominated by men; however I always managed to find my way around.

How did you get into the business?

I moved to Montreal and was looking for a job in which I could still use my German language. Gamma at that time was looking for customer support representatives who also speak German, so I applied and got the job. ;) This was my first adult-related job, and after about one year I moved to another department within the company, to AdXpansion, and took on the job as advertiser relations manager. Right now, three years later, I moved back to Europe and started working for PartnerCash as head of sales, trying to push the international development.

What in your background prepared you for what you are doing now?

I used to work in the tourism industry and therefore saw a lot of things, however the most help I got from my MBA which helped me along the way to better understand the market needs and adapt to the different mentalities.

What do you see as the challenges of working in the adult online business? How do you overcome them?

As a women it’s always a challenge to thrive in an industry which is dominated by men; however I always managed to find my way around and reached a point where I can have lunch and surf on a tubesite and be all captivated by why the color on the banner has changed to blue and wonder what that does to conversions.

Does your work life affect your personal life?

Not really, as I love my work and all my friends envy me for working in the adult industry. Even my mom and her husband are proud of it, since I gave them a yearly membership to one of our sites and this makes for a really great conversation topic with their friends.


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