New Networks for Social Media Marketers

Stephen Yagielowicz

As the ubiquity of camera phones and the popularity of social media escalates, a wide range of new networks are emerging — each of which offers something unique of interest to adult marketers that are able to master the bridging of the mainstream and porn worlds.

While Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr have received a lot of attention recently, there are many other, lesser-known, visually-oriented social media networks (as well as several that focus on audio sharing) that offer traffic and sales potential to marketers that are able to play by the rules. The following is a roundup of several of these noteworthy websites and mobile applications — see if one or more might find a place in your marketing mix:

As the ubiquity of camera phones and the popularity of social media escalates, a wide range of new networks are emerging.

Cowbird ( offers tremendous potential for storytellers, with the added ability to integrate images and audio (but not video) into textual content, as a way of more fully communicating a narrative. Like many mainstream media, weaving an adult angle into your stories will take skill and self- restraint, if you want your posts to last.

Calling itself “Simply the best showcase for your content,” Jux ( allows users to express their creativity through a variety of photo filters, font goodies and more, so that “Your pictures and words fill the page edge-toedge: memorable, beautiful, [and] distraction-free.” Jux displays photos at maximum resolution, videos in full-screen HD and allows authors to share their articles, with HTML5 video capability for reaching iPad and iPhone users.

Another audio-centric app, Picle ( seeks to preserve the moments that matter by telling stories with photos and sound clips. Rather than use video that can “overcomplicate” things, Picle answers the question “What would Instagram sound like?” According to Picle’s Alex Harding, the app makes photos take on a new dimension for a balance that allows users to leverage the best features of each medium. It is also a great tool for iPad devotees employing the device’s speech-to-text functionality.

Snapguide ( brings social tools to the world of how-to guides, providing a free iOS app and web service targeting a wide range of topics, such as crafts, do-it-yourself projects, fashion tips, entertaining and more. “Snap pictures and videos of your project, add captions, and share your guide with the Snapguide community,” states the company website.

For those who appreciate a higher level of photography, tadaa ( takes native iPhone camera quality a step further, integrating selective editing, live view filters, tilt-shift, clarity enhancements, a light table, full EXIF support and more. Add in social functions such as sharing, ratings and reposting to leverage your audience and the value of tadaa is clear. Download it for free from Apple’s App Store.