Adult Advertising Networks Offer Targeted Traffic, Publisher Profits

Stephen Yagielowicz

All commercial websites, adult or otherwise, have two things in common: the need to attract a steady and increasing flow of visitors and the need for a way to profit from them.

Online advertising networks fill both requirements, enabling advertisers to obtain the traffic they need for their sites from publishers who host their ads — with the ad network serving as an intermediary in the equation. While all ad networks function in essentially the same way, there are unique service differentiators between them.

Each program offers its own approach to generating and monetizing adult Internet traffic and each has its own place in the overall adult website ecosystem.

The following are a handful of the top players in the adult ad network marketplace — check each of them out to see which provides the best fit for your growing needs:


A solution for buying and selling adult traffic, AdXpansion (www.adxpansion.com) allows advertisers to use category specific keywords to target the consumers they want; while publishers are able to earn money from selling their traffic to the highest bidders.

AdXpansion provides advertisers with contextually relevant ads using CPC and CPM billing and an exclusive Click Quality Protection program. The company focuses on top quality ad spaces, using its content matching system to embed ads within players, or close to the actual content being viewed; billing advertisers for clicks and not just impressions.

Publishers can earn more from hosting relevant ads by AdXpansion and be paid twice monthly for doing so — with an easy, no-risk setup process that sets your own minimum eCPM, so you won’t lose money by hosting low-paying ads. Publishers can also choose to place contextual ad units within their video players, doubling their eCPM. Referrals and other innovative tools plus the ability to exclude or include ads by popular categories, gives publishers a competitive advantage over less-capable online advertising platforms.

New for 2012 is an optimization tool that helps control costs by allowing advertisers to view all of the expenses associated with each campaign and traffic source — enabling clients to exclude traffic sources not meeting their cost requirements, while increasing their bids on high converting traffic to include only the specific visitor sources they want.

A dedicated account manager is available to assist all clients with program integration and overall profit maximization.


Based in the Netherlands, EroAdvertising (www.ero-advertising.com) offers local or global CPM, CPC or flat fee buys, tailored to a site’s individual needs; and says that its revolutionary technology boosts online advertising performance by providing new ways to add impact and relevance, quickly and easily.

Setting up an EroAdvertising campaign takes only a few minutes and produces near immediate results from the company’s reported 1.8 billion daily ad views from more than 200 countries across the globe.

Advertisers benefit from geo-targeted contextual traffic delivered via customized ad solutions, including pay per click, view or period. EroAdvertising also supports HTML banner and iframe ads. Mobile marketers enjoy sophisticated geo-targeting capabilities and a measurable return on investment, reporting exact CPA cost per ad and campaign.

Publishers profit from EroAdvertising’s relations with the top adult brands and from having a transparent, open network approach; backed by accurate, reliable tracking and timely payments, with weekly or monthly payouts for predictable cash flow. Publishers will like the keyword targeted text ads, for which they are paid per click.

New this year is a mobile redirection program paying out a 75 percent revenue share, as well as a module supporting in-video player ads that enables user uploaded, clickable logo overlays and a YouTube-style footer textbox — along with your choice of pre- and post-roll video ads on a CPM basis.

Professional multilingual support staff is available to help EroAdvertising clients maximize the profitability of their campaigns and to help with system setup.


Reaching billions of web and mobile users daily, ExoClick (www.exoclick.com) offers advanced targeting via a marketplace of premium properties that are unavailable on other networks. Options for CPC, CPM and CPA buys and real-time ROI tracking among various features boost profitability for advertisers. Publishers benefit from the ability to monetize all their traffic, with a 100 percent inventory fill rate, regardless of country — backed by automated ad spot optimization plus weekly and monthly payouts, and timely support to ease integration.

ExoClick takes technology seriously, using a proprietary ad-serving platform that is capable of country-based and contextual targeting; with an advanced anti-fraud system, real-time statistics and a user-friendly control panel.

2012 was a busy year for ExoClick, with the addition of new payment methods such as Paxum and a custom Payoneer card option. A new campaign creation tool and the launch of ExoClick Mobile, which offers clients a redirection option for mobile traffic, were added this year; along with a retargeting program that can yield conversion rates from 300 percent to 600 percent higher than standard campaigns, with a very high ROI.

The company’s latest offering, MobileTubes, is a mobile monetization platform that allows publishers to create customizable VOD sites with direct carrier billing for a wide range of countries, with an alternative billing fallback. Options include having pay-only access or allowing some content for free; plus SEO tools, content, layout customization, mobilespecific statistics and more — you can even use your own domain and branding.


Calling itself “The sexy advertising network,” JuicyAds (www.juicyads.com) is a marketplace that allows publishers to increase revenues by selling ad space to advertisers.

With roots extending back to 2002, JuicyAds specializes in direct ad buys on specific websites, along with targeted run-of-network campaigns, focusing on the use of images.

“Ask anyone who runs a website and they’ll tell you that images get clicked more than text,” states the company website. “We focus mainly on image ads because they produce results and that makes both publisher and advertiser happy.”

JuicyAds provides traffic to both adult and mainstream sites via the same platform, which offers an easy-to-use interface allowing ads to be purchased with instant approval. Its system delivers more than one billion impressions daily and serves 41,000+ websites with some of the strongest click fraud protection in the industry.

From personalized assistance to social responsibility, JuicyAds is built upon service and a long term strategy that places the needs and expectations of client publishers and advertisers above making a quick buck.

The company’s latest features include a mobile plan with a 75 percent revenue share, along with a CPMbased pop-under service paying $2 CPM or higher on select countries.

As you can see, each program offers its own approach to generating and monetizing adult Internet traffic and each has its own place in the overall adult website ecosystem — with a possibility of providing a complete closed-loop solution to your marketing needs.