Taking Advantage of GeoCities Free Hosting

Mark Farlow

An interesting post on XBiz regarding GeoCities entry pages and ICQ spamming started me thinking about ways to use GeoCities personal pages. Here's one way that I'd like to share...

For those who haven't read it, the post was about those annoying ICQ spammers that constantly spam you pretending to be girls asking you to watch them on their web cams. The bulk of these spams seem to be hosting their pages on GeoCities. While I really don't enjoy the thought of all that spamming, I really liked the idea of hosting amateur web pages on the GeoCities free host.

Here's the concept in a nutshell:

1. You create a GeoCities home page for a fictitious girl, I'll call her Mandi.
2. Next you hook up with a sponsor program promoting either amateur girls, dating sites or web cams.
3. You create your GeoCities page to look like a real amateur's home page.
4. Then all you need to do is start promoting.

Ok, to get started I visited to sign up for my free website. First off, I needed to create a! user account before I could go any further, so I was off to the Yahoo! new account page, where I created a new Yahoo! identity as slut_mandi. I wanted an account name that would seem somewhat real, yet conveyed the sexual idea I was trying to get across. I'm sure I could have picked a better name, but after 8 attempts, I just settled for this one :).

Back to the GeoCities page
After I logged in as slut_mandi, I was taken to the GeoCities TOS page. Read this carefully, there is a good chance that what we are doing here can be considered a violation of the TOS (depending upon interpretation). After accepting the TOS, it was time to create my site! First I needed something to promote. I selected Click Cash, as it seems to fit in well with the amateur nature of my site. Then I created my page designed to lead the surfer to believe that this was a real person promoting her own web cam shows. I grabbed some amateur content, and used one of the girl's photos for this page. I made sure to use a picture that looked like it might have come from a web cam, and was non-nude. I added the links to my sponsor, some good promo text, and voila! Here's my new Here's my new page!

Well this page as it is could probably make me a few bucks, but it needed more, something to make it seem more real, more like an amateur site. Well, lucky for me, GeoCities offers a plethora of neat little gadgets and gizmos to put on my site!

Going back to the GeoCities home page, I was able to select several do-dads to incorporate onto my page. I opted for a guest book, counter, stats, and survey. After adding these items to my new page, I felt the site looked much more 'real' to the surfer, what do you think? Since I have licensed content, I can periodically upload some of this model's photos to my Yahoo! Club.

Another great feature of GeoCities is the Members Directory. Here you get to list your page for free in the yahoo directory. Just login to your geocities account. Drill down through the members page directory to a category you want to be listed under, I choose Individual Web cams, and then clicked the link to "List My Page Here." Now go to Yahoo! and do a search for your new site... You should be listed in the Yahoo! search results!

Now that my site is up and running, there are all sorts of things I can do to promote it. Of course I will submit it to all the major search engines. Another great resource is the Yahoo! Clubs. Just start your own club centered around your fictitious amateur(s). Since I have licensed content, I can periodically upload some of this model's photos to my Yahoo! Club. There are many other ways to promote these sites. I leave it to you to experiment.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you start promoting adult content on your GeoCities pages, you will likely have it yanked down. This is why the amateur stuff works so well. While I am actually promoting an adult product, the page makes no reference to adult content. I am even careful not to use revealing pictures of the model on the site.

All in all it took me about 2 hours to get this site up and promoted. And best of all it didn't cost a dime. I'm sure you can think of other things that would work well this way.