Sprout Social Helps Deliver Messages

Stephen Yagielowicz

Today’s online marketers use a variety of tools for leveraging their offers via social media, including automated systems for sharing a site’s latest updates and more. Typical approaches may include an adult paysite tweeting the link and title of its latest update, with step-up processes involving performers, producers, fans and directors tweeting their comments on that particular scene.

There are many other ways in which a particular site or service can benefit from social media, but marketers pursuing such approaches will want to monitor their effectiveness by measuring the growth rate of followers and the number of re-tweets, likes and fans that result.

Sprout Social delivers relevant messages from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, articles, and more directly to the user’s customized dashboard.

Each social network has its own requirements, however; making a comprehensive social marketing campaign a time-consuming approach that lends itself to automation and statistical analysis.

One tool that could help your social marketing efforts is Sprout Social (www.sproutsocial.com), which allows users to monitor their brand and manage conversations with a single easy-to-use tool.

“With billions of conversations taking place across the social web, are you seeing the most important ones?” the Sprout Social site asks, noting that its services provide detailed information on followers, influence, engagement, clicks and more, using colorful, intuitive charts and graphs that track the impact of your social media messages for rapid feedback and guidance on social media campaigns.

According to its publisher, Sprout Social allows users to publish and schedule their updates across multiple social media channels with a single click. The system enables users to manage their teams and large social networks, along with tasks and assignments — measuring the effectiveness of these efforts through its comprehensive reporting and analytics tools.

Sprout Social delivers relevant messages from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, articles, and more directly to the user’s customized dashboard for complete social media monitoring without hunting through multiple sites for important messages — providing everything you need to monitor your brand, industry and competition across social media and the web, “in one perfect inbox.”

Keyword, profile and geo search tools eases finding prospects and enhances customer engagement, with a full reply history to efficiently manage messages; and powerful scheduling and posting tools that will deliver your messages to the right audience at the right time; via a built-in RSS reader, bookmarklet, or mobile app.

Sprout Social also allows users to measure the effectiveness of their outbound messages using sent messages statistics to optimize reach and impressions — delivering detailed reports, with CSV, PDF and web support for integration with other client systems.

Sprout Social starts at $9 per month, for up to 10 social network accounts.

Regardless of how you may choose to implement your social marketing strategy one thing is certain: automation helps save time and make money.