What OS X Mountain Lion Means for Adult Web Developers

Stephen Yagielowicz

Apple recently introduced the latest update in its operating system line, evolving its Lion OS to the nextgeneration Mountain Lion; available for the bargain basement price of only $19.95 — a price point that is sure to draw many adoptees — providing a sizeable market for those seeking an audience of tech-forward consumers used to paying for what they want.

This creates opportunities for adult developers following the wave.

It’s a broadening of how consumers seek out and view entertainment and information.

Perhaps the biggest thing to note from Mountain Lion (and perhaps even competitor Windows 8) is the blurring of the line between the traditional desktop and iOS. From a design standpoint, this is evidenced by visual cues such as more touch-friendly layouts and an emphasis on applike functionality.

It is the tight integration of popular social media platforms including Flickr, Twitter, and coming soon, Facebook, directly into the operating system and its tools, however, that is perhaps the most important aspect for forward-looking designers and marketers.

The Notification Center combines all of your updates and notices in one simple panel, offering everything from Tweets to Gmail “new message” alerts and more; easing many common chores for busy online marketers and other end-users that will find new media increasingly intertwined into their daily lives.

It’s a broadening of how consumers seek out and view entertainment and information.

This ability to share is not limited to thirdparty services, with iCloud enabling open tabs to be pushed to other devices; providing a boon to users of multiple Apple products, such as a MacBook and iPhone.

Such intimate interoperability teaches users to expect applications and content to be available across all the devices they own — and this includes enjoying porn regardless of the platform they choose to view it on.

For example, consumers who download or stream online video clips may find that they are much more enjoyable when viewed on the big screen; something that is enabled by the inclusion of AirPlay into Mountain Lion; allowing full-screen video via Apple TV — seamlessly, wirelessly and in full 1080p hi-def.

Designers will also appreciate the revamped scroll bars, which expand when a cursor hovers over them — making scrolling much easier, especially on smaller sized displays, allowing more attractive page designs that still retain a high level of accessibility.

Another feature which could affect adult developers is the App Store Gatekeeper, which by default prevents the installation of applications from outside of the App Store; and alerts users attempting to add apps that are not signed with a proper Developer ID, further isolating the Apple ecosystem from the grasp of groping marketers.

There are other features and benefits for adult marketers; but regardless of the ways in which you work Mountain Lion support into your sites, it is important to understand the larger implications of this new OS — and the direction that it is leading consumers.