Heaven & Hell Party to Support ‘NO on Measure B’

Diane Duke
(l to r) Chi Chi, Eric Swiss, Riley Reid, Anikka Albrite, Will Ryder, and J.J. Hollyberry, who plays Blutarsky in ‘Not Animal House XXX’

Costumed members of the porn industry turned out by the hundreds Saturday night at the annual Heaven & Hell Porn Bash in Hollywood thrown by XPlay’s Jeff Mullen and Scott David, and Danny B. Many industry members attended to support the ‘No on Measure B’ campaign – Los Angeles’ condom ballot measure, which allows government to creep closer into your lives by regulating the type of entertainment you watch in your bedroom.

On a warm, breezeless night, the costume bash expanded to over 1,000 people by 11pm at adjacent clubs Roxbury & Hemingway’s. The industry had their own sexy private VIP room, packed with scantily clad porn stars who drank and danced the night away. 

“The goal of the party was to have a great time celebrating Halloween – and to raise cash and awareness for the industry’s efforts on behalf of ‘no on government waste,’ which will help purchase the final television and radio spots encouraging people to vote no on measure B,” stated multi-award winning director Mullen.

Measure B is an ill-conceived effort to require mandatory condom usage on adult film sets, but instead will destroy the nation’s most advanced testing program and replace it with a government program that will cost taxpayers money for “condom police.”  If you believe our government should not waste taxpayer’s money attempting to regulate what has been a safe adult movie industry, please vote no on Measure B.

If Measure B is not defeated, it will have a tremendously negative effect on the adult film industry; the gala event raised much-needed money for advertising before the general election on Nov. 6. But more money is quickly needed. If you wish to make a private donation to No on Measure B, please visit the website. Any amount will help.

“Measure B is much more than a condom vote, which most in our own adult movie industry don’t realize – it really has to do with who is going to control the decisions affecting the adult film making industry,” stated Scott David of XPlay Media.

The Halloween bash has been widely known as the porn party-of-the-year and was sponsored by The Screaming O®, HotMovies, Adam & Eve Pictures, Uncle Don’s Exotic Interludes, XPlay, Adult Biz Law, Free Speech Coalition and All Media Play. The gala also was the official celebration of the parody movie “Not Animal House XXX,” from Adam & Eve Pictures and XPlay. Many members of the cast were in attendance including Britney Amber who played ‘Babs’.

“This is always such a fun night seeing friends and having a few drinks with all these sexy ladies and cute guys,” the blond superstar said over the pulsating music.    

The evening was packed with gorgeous ladies as it was co-hosted by the top talent agencies including OC Modeling, LA Direct Models, Adult Talent Managers LA, Spiegler Girls, Type 9 Models, Foxxx Modeling and Matrix Models – girls from every agency were spotted in the packed party. 

Superstar Sunny Lane even came out from her self-imposed sabbatical from the porn industry, to hit the red carpet as she returns to the industry full-force. 

“I don’t ever want to miss one of these XPlay parties so I decided to put on a costume and come out and have some fun,” said Lane.

Ron Jeremy acted as the master of ceremonies but rarely got far away from the red carpet photo area as he was mobbed by photographers and cute new starlets looking to pose with him for some risqué photos. 

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been coming to Heaven & Hell for ten years now and I always have a great time with my friends and these cute new girls. Somebody has to teach them what goes where and why,” said Jeremy, who was there promoting his Ron de Jeremy rum.

“We had to tell Ronnie that the photo area was not a bedroom,” joked director Will Ryder.

Spooky party hostess Mia Gold experienced her first really big porn party and raved about it.

“This was so much fun and I had an amazing time with all of these beautiful people and it was so much better than I anticipated.”

Award-winning actor James Bartholet echoed the sentiment, “Another fabulous night filled with colorful language and sexy girls.”

(Media release and photo courtesy of XPlay)

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