WIA Profile: Sienna Sinclaire

Women in Adult / Bob Johnson

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She’s not only hot — she’s smart. Performer, model, burlesque entertainer, sex coach and journalist Sienna Sinclaire is putting a new face on what it means to be a woman in the adult industry. Besides exciting her fans, Sinclaire’s fledgling media company is jazzing the business world anchored by her upcoming new book, “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles.” And she’s not stopping there. Her sights are set on building her business into what else – the Naughty Empire.

I think that in order to be even better at what you do, you need to live it. I live it every day.

How did you evolve from being a writer and sex coach into performer and director?

Actually, I started out as a writer first, working for a magazine in London. Then I came back to the States where I started my own holistic magazine — “Balance Magazine for Today’s Woman.” After working there for two years and realizing it wasn’t something I wanted to do longterm, I got into the adult business where I was performing and directing all my own content for my website. The more I got into the adult world, the more I wanted to educate myself in all things sexual and turn it into a career. And that’s how I got into sex coaching. It was never a planned career choice, it just all fell into place. But I absolutely love what I do.

What are your proudest and most memorable moments as a performer/model? What films have you appeared in and directed?

“Boudoir,” a movie I directed is what I’m most proud of. It stars Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Jennifer Dark, Brynn Tyler just to name a few. It was my first time directing a full feature adult film and it was quite the learning experience. I’m someone who believes I can do whatever I put my mind to and I did it.

Explain your sex coach vocation. What are your pet advocacies?

I like to call myself the “Naughty Lifestyle Expert” because I’m an expert at helping people live a naughty lifestyle along with myself. I created a program for both men and women with videos, e-books and podcasts. Men can learn how to get their lover to bring out her naughty side on a daily basis along with how to have a threesome, how to get your partner to masturbate in front you, how to entertain women, work on your confidence and dating skills and so much more. Women can learn how to live a naughty lifestyle every day by building confidence, how to entertain men, and much more. Or they can always contact and hire me for sex or dating tips. I also have a Monthly Sex Holidays blog where I give great sex advice.

In March, I teamed up with The Screaming O, to help with my charity for the month — Masturbating March. People donated money each time they masturbated in and I donated all webcam sales to the charity. Screaming O agreed to give away weekly prizes to my fans, they even gave away prizes for the best sex stories, and donate money to my charity of choice, Not For Sale, that helps with trying to put a stop to sex slavery. It’s a big deal to me, especially with working in the adult industry; because I choose to be a sex worker and millions of people are forced into sex slavery every year.

How did the idea for Naughty Girl’s Guide emerge?

My passion is traveling and I’m constantly visiting new countries every month and writing about my adventures. But I’m someone who likes to see the naughty side of a city along with its history. So I’m always looking for fun, sexy, naughty things to do. I started blogging about my naughty travels, offering sexy hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, brothels, strip clubs and more to visit. My readers were also travelers so they would send in suggestions to places they visited or ask me questions on a city they were about to visit. And it just took off from there. I was doing it more for fun because of my love of traveling. Then one day it dawned on me to turn this into a business. Here I am giving away all this free advice that people really appreciate, why not focus my attention on one city and turn it into a book? Well I happen to live in one of the naughtiest cities, Los Angeles, so it only made sense that L.A. would be my first book. Las Vegas is my second book that will be out next year.

How did you land the publishing deal?

I didn’t really land a publishing deal. I like to take matters into my hand. I have a major Type A personality, if you haven’t noticed already, so I decided that self-publishing was best for me. I’m hoping that down the road I land a publishing deal but for now I’m self-publishing. ... The book took a year and a half to complete and is almost 400 pages. I had to visit everything in the book to make sure it was really naughty. I didn’t just go online and look up places and put what I found in the book. I did lots of research. My book is also the first book written about L.A.’s naughty history.

My magazine editing experience also helped. I probably reviewed the book on my own five times. That was the hardest part of writing the book, the editing process.

Do you run the business yourself? If so, what are your biggest challenges?

Yes, I run my business all on my own meaning I write everything and do all my own updates for all my websites. But I do have an assistant so that I can focus on work and I have a team of people who help me with other stuff such as photographers, videographers and others.

My biggest challenges are with myself because I’m constantly coming up with new ideas and wanting to work on them before I even finish something I’m already working on.

How are you embracing new technology?

Honestly, I’m a bit slow when it comes to embracing new technology because there’s always something new out there and it takes a lot to keep up. But I do embrace it, maybe just a little bit later than others to see how it’s working out.

Right now I’m trying to do a lot more video for YouTube and my websites by giving out sex advice, sex toy reviews and other stuff. I’m also turning my adult website into an iTunes format where instead of buying a monthly subscription, fans can purchase one video or photoset at a time. This will be completed in a month or two. So stay tuned.

What are your near future plans?

To turn my Naughty Girl’s Guide into a series. The second naughty travel book will be on Las Vegas, due out next year. Then I plan on writing about San Francisco and moving on to others cities in the States.

I’m also currently working on my Naughty Lifestyle Coaching website which hopefully, will be ready by the time this article comes out.

My last big project, is an online magazine for living the naughty lifestyle called, “The Single Girl: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide.” I’m “The Single Girl” giving readers tons of advice on being naughty. It will offer reviews on restaurants, clubs, bars, sex stores and much more. Plus you can visit to learn about other naughty women, sex tips, sex games to play with your lover, naughty fitness, naughty careers, how to have a naughty home and. There will even be a sex museum with history on dildos, vibrators, naughty hotels and much more. It’s a huge website full of fun, sexy advice.

My plan is to turn my business into one big Naughty Empire with my adult website, offering my coaching services, selling my naughty travel books and giving sexy advice on my Single Girl website.

What’s your advice for women executives in the adult industry?

We all may have naughty jobs but how many of us are truly living a naughty lifestyle in everything we do? I think that in order to be even better at what you do, you need to live it. I live it every day. So, I’m constantly coming up with fabulous ideas for my business. It’s one thing just to say I’m a sex coach and I can help you with spicing things up in the bedroom. But if I’m not doing the same thing for myself then how can I honestly help others? My advice? So embrace your inner naughty girl and live a sexy, naughty lifestyle in all you do.