One Stop Shopping: 2

Stephen Yagielowicz

In the first installment of this series, I outlined a simple plan for a simple project: One that was free to begin with, had lots of profit potential, and room to grow. Since then, I've had some time to play around with the details, and I'm quite pleased with the way things are turning out:

Last time, I left off by submitting the brief online application form for S.I.C. Cash's brand new free hosting program, and what I received was an almost immediate response, and had my site setup in a few short hours. I couldn't wait to get started, and began thinking of the possibilities. What I ended up with was a very basic design that was far simpler than I originally envisioned, and which consisted of a simple table of text links to the sponsor's 72 'Pic Of The Day' (POTD) pages.

"Free Daily Sex Pics" was born; straightforward and to the point. With 72 different POTD choices, each of which is hosted and updated by the sponsor, contains images as good as or better than those found on most free sites and TGP galleries, and includes my reseller code on the banners, text and image links on the POTD page itself. This was a perfect 'Traffic Filter' that would be able to narrowly target vast amounts of traffic, and send it off to the most appropriate of the sponsor's sites — and do so in a non-intrusive, very 'clean' way that would not alienate surfers, and indeed, due to the 'value' of the content, encourage repeat visits:

Putting On The Ritz
At this point, my new site was "all black" and very simple; as low-bandwidth as I could make it, and as a result quick to load. The more I thought about it, the more potential I saw though, and decided that a few quick hours on a Friday night might make a difference. After all, a little bit of 'personality' can go a long way, and since my site has everything from "Cock Stuffed Teens" to "Ass Pounding Hunks" on display, the site deserved to have some style. Errr: What did I say? ""Ass Pounding Hunks"??? "Dudes N Dildos"??? What the Fuck!!!

A boy has to have some limitations, don't you know, and while I'm quite happy to show the horny fans of "Tattooed Nymphos" (Bless their little hearts!) where they could find more pics like that, those disturbing 'fudge packers' POTDs just HAD to go! So, 3 less POTD links on my list later, my site now offered surfers "69 FREE DAILY SEX PICS" — and an identity was born!

A bit of 'table nesting,' text formatting, and the addition of my favorite "blinking red arrow" bullets, made a nice, attractive display, but the page called for more, and so I did something that I very rarely do: I selected an attractive, deep red, 'grooved' background from my "Web Art" collection, and then made a graphical site logo to match — with a 'neon' text effect of course. The addition of a "Click Here to Bookmark" link at the bottom of the page, and a "last updated" message at the top rounded out the design, and gave me this:

I experimented with some PHP and remote JavaScript files, but alas, the free host isn't having any part of that.

Down to Details
Next, I decided to add a centered banner underneath the 'bookmark' link, one that matched the site nicely, and promoted the sponsor's 'penis enlargement' program. If any surfer's were curious enough about the page to make it past the free pics, they might be interested in this offer. Since this page is free-hosted, I am not able to make effective use of my server-based stats package, and so I chose to add a SexTracker counter as well, testing the benefit of their 'full sized banner' program in the process.

I placed OnMouseOver JavaScript status bar masking codes on all the links, and experimented with a variety of consoles advertising the sponsor's "Browser Washer" software program, but have not settled on a final implementation of the ad for this yet. I experimented with some PHP and remote JavaScript files, but alas, the free host isn't having any part of that. I'll probably spend another hour or so, cleaning, tweaking, and streamlining the code on this page, and I'm now contemplating a number of uses for it.

This page can easily form the basis of a larger 'free' site using the sponsor's free content, or it could be used as an FPA (Full Page Ad), full-page stealth console (pop-under), or a variety of other uses. I have a handful of ideas, and I am pleased that this simple 'component' could be used effectively in a variety of situations.

The bottom line is this: in a few short hours I was able to create an extremely simple site that didn't cost me a dime, and that will make money if you throw traffic at it: "throw traffic at it???" Well that's another subject altogether... ~ Stephen