Starting Your Net Plan

Harry Sturhahn

So you have decided to start your dot com business. In this article I am going to help you put together a brief NET PLAN.

Take the time for your NET PLAN — you don't have to write a short novel, just a few key points. Set aside some time with a note pad in a quiet place away from your computer and start thinking about the following points and start writing them down. Once completed you will find that you have a very clear idea of what you want your new venture to become. Your NET PLAN is also your call to action. It will guide you and keep you on track during your online business venture. Most of all have fun, enjoy what you do and you will always succeed.

Step #1: Decide on your product, service or program. Sounds simple enough? Here are some things to help you make your choice. Then write your choice down. Don't write down things you would like to do. Try not to build your NET PLAN from a wish list, it won't work. If you don't have any special interests or lack basic html skills, you can always look at an affiliate or referral program to get you started. Just find a product or service that you can really get into.

Now get clear about what it is you want to do! Write it down. This is a very important principle. Once you see our goal and vision on paper your subconscious mind will go to work, with out any effort on your part the ideas will start to flow and you will have a product or service in no time.

Step #2: Surf the web, subscribe to forums or newsgroups that feature the topics, products or services you are interested in. Go to any search engine and just enter forums+the topic or subscribe to newsgroups using your email client package.

It has been my experience that newsgroups are already saturated with people trying to push their products and services. Many of them send the same message or a variation of the same one. Find out what they are talking about. Find out what they like or don't like. Talk with them learn and share your experience. Just become involved!

Start a journal or open a notepad on your desktop. You are now going to gather data and information about your interest. Collect links and make notes. This will become part of your NET PLAN. If you have found some affiliate programs, bookmark the links to the affiliate join page for future reference. Remember have fun, love what you do and take time for yourself.

Compile your notes. Put these into action steps that you can use to get your product, service or affiliate program online. Some examples may be: Create a page to feature A&B product... with links to this affiliate program, or create simple web site with 2 pages, using a great sales letter.

I know from experience that once you start, you might get taken off in many different directions. You might just see another item or thing that you can incorporate into your package. Make a note of this and you can always add it later. Resist the urge for perfection it will slow you down.

Now that you have your action steps and information, is there anything new you need to learn? Surf the web! Make it your objective to learn all you can about that topic. Remember have fun, love what you do and take time for yourself. There is no rush; you have more time than you think.

Harry Sturhahn is owner of, and writes weekly reports to webmasters featuring articles on web marketing.