One Stop Shopping: 1

Stephen Yagielowicz

Despite the 6" of snow that fell yesterday, spring is here again. A time of change and new growth, it is also a time when many Webmasters try out new projects. If you're looking for something new, free, profitable, easy, and interesting to do, then this project may be for you!

Perhaps you find yourself stuck in a rut, your life becoming more like a 'Rocco' cartoon everyday. Or maybe you are new to the industry and are overwhelmed by the possibilities before you and not sure of which direction to turn. You could even be tired of building whatever type of site it is that you usually build, and want to try something new. Maybe you're just searching for diversity in your site portfolio to help mitigate the effects of an anticipated summer slowdown and an uncertain financial future. Whatever your reason for restlessness, choosing that next project can be difficult in its own right, and I'm here to help:

This morning, I started thinking about this new little adult project, one that had an extremely low barrier to entry, would be suitable for Webmasters of all ability levels, from entry level to seasoned pro, and that posed relatively little legal risk. A new project that would not require an excessive amount of maintenance, but that could grow to be as large and profitable as the Webmaster wished to invest the time into making it so, and that could be built entirely for free, using the products of a single company. Sound interesting? I thought so, too.

Back to the Future
It all started with a brief email from S.I.C. Cash announcing the release of their brand new free host, SIC Free Host, which they claim underwent extensive beta testing, allowing them to customize their free hosting service; making it as 'webmaster friendly as possible.' Very interesting. I had sent trickles of AVS traffic to S.I.C. Cash in the past, and had used some of their free content on a few old AVS sites, so I was fairly familiar with their offerings.

Once upon a time, CEN had experimented with providing 'full domain' free hosting to some of Traffic Cash Gold's participating Webmasters. I had built a neat little site under that relatively short-lived program, and now (of course) I was suddenly intrigued by the possibility of doing something similar, but using the tools provided by S.I.C. Cash. Visiting the sponsor's site for a review of their 'v.4' Terms & Conditions, along with an examination of their current marketing tools, I found all of the ingredients necessary for this project, and I decided that I'd give it a try, and tell all of you about it, too.

This type of operation can be built using the offerings of a handful of sponsors, but with 82 niche sites to promote, S.I.C. Cash has all the bases covered. This is important, because what we will do is build an enormous Traffic Filter, formatted as an 'Adult Site Guide,' but listing only this one sponsor's sites. With 72 (by my count) different 'POTD' (Picture Of The Day) pages, plus a wide variety of other free content, the sponsor makes it easy to offer surfers a reasonable incentive to visit and even return daily, plus the free hosting makes this a project with little downside!

Which Brings Me Back to Free Hosting...
The first step that is involved in this endeavor is signing up for the sponsor's new free host program. As I already have a S.I.C. Cash account, I did not need to sign up for one, and went directly to the free host sign up page, which was brief and to the point, requiring only the webmaster's name, email address, and S.I.C. Cash account number. Acceptance of a straightforward list of Terms & Conditions was also required, and some of the highlights follow:

They accept only S.I.C. Cash webmasters who have sent at least 2 signups, and reserve the right to deny any webmaster admittance for using illegal content, being located in a high fraud area, or for any other reason they see fit. Reasonable measures designed to reduce fraud and ensure that the program is used to help webmasters who have sent them traffic in the past. They currently offer 82 sites plus a 'penis enlargement' and 'browser washer' program as well.

One condition that is important to emphasize is that you must advertise only S.I.C. Cash sites from your free hosted pages, and if you decide to ignore this by advertising non-S.I.C. Cash sites, your account will be canceled immediately. This isn't a problem as they currently offer 82 sites plus a 'penis enlargement' and 'browser washer' program as well, diversifying your offerings, and allowing you to filter and properly target your site's traffic.

You also are not allowed to use a META-refresh to send traffic to non-S.I.C. Cash sites, and you must use legal, licensed content - which is again not a problem, as they can supply a ton of it for you for free. Most free hosts do not allow you to utilize multimedia files such as MPEGs, AVIs and WAVs, and the S.I.C. Cash free host is no exception, and they have software in place to automatically remove these files. Even standard photo images cannot exceed 100k, which is also not a problem on a free site.

Of course, newsgroup or email 'Spamming' is not allowed, and if you're caught, your account will be canceled immediately, and rightfully so. This is common enough with any legitimate sponsor program, but also you need to ensure that you advertise S.I.C. Cash sites on every free-hosted page in your site; a very reasonable request, and a simple one, given the layout, form and design of our coming new site.

I didn't have any problems with these few Terms & Conditions, and submitted the online form. Let's see what happens next: ~ Stephen