WIA Profile: KiwiGirl

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How did you get into the business?

Being a self motivator that is committed, dedicated and always giving everything I can to whatever project I am working on I need positive energy not negative.

Back in of December 1997 my ex had pointed out this page on the internet that displayed several little images of hot nude girls later found to be called a TGP. While my interest in porn was little to none my partner at the time was on to something and purchased a domain name and began creating his own TGP. As that site grew, other domains were acquired and required management.

This is when I personally got involved as I assisted with updating one of the sites on a regular basis which was somewhere in the middle of 1998. From there I’ve managed websites, been a book keeper, coordinated and shot numerous sponsored wild girl events, co owned, managed and produced content for an affiliate program, worked banner display and search engine advertising, done business development and office set, staff recruitment, B2C expo coordination and so much more. This doesn’t even come close to covering what I can do as the word “can’t” does not exist in my vocabulary.

What in your background prepared you for what you are doing now?

I honestly don’t think that anything in my background could have really prepared me for what I know and do now.

When I lived back in New Zealand and Australia I worked in casino like establishments (Rugby Leagues Clubs) as a cashier and then becoming a CSO (customer service office) overseeing a lot of cash, dealing with both consumer and staff concerns, doing payouts and assisting with programming the machines. Reflecting back now I would say such things taught me to resolve problems quickly, communicate well with multiple people on many levels of importance and multi task as I was always interrupted.

And then there’s my mother ... always being out spoken and fighting civil rights and protesting on the steps of court houses. I guess while observing her through the years I seen what she did that was good and learned from her mistakes when she made them.

What do you see as the challenges of working in the adult online business? How do you overcome them?

I don’t think there is enough time in the day to stipulate everything that comes to mind with this loaded question.

Being a consultant I have clients from every corner of the biz, which is why I tend to keep my personal opinions to myself especially when I see it being a conflict of interest between my clients.

To those that know me personally though, I am far too opinionated.

A challenge I’ve seen increasingly become more of a concern is lack of communication and consideration. Unfortunately this is not a challenge exclusive to the adult business but society as a whole appears to have lost its humanity. People are becoming more impatient, demanding and tend to not appreciate the good but focus on the bad therefore resulting in lack of morale and positivity. Being a self motivator that is committed, dedicated and always giving everything I can to whatever project I am working on I need positive energy not negative so tend to do one of the following:
1. Kill em with kindness
2. Be blunt and straight to the point to get the job done as quickly as humanly possible
3. Completely avoid them at all costs

Does your work life affect your personal life?

What’s a personal life? My work is my life!

I am a workaholic and due to this I’ve made the decision that I will not be having kids but it’s an ongoing joke with my friends that I will make a great step mom one day. That being said, the only other way my work life affects my personal life is that I have so much business at the moment that I often don’t find time for much else. I work long and hard but I love what I do or else I wouldn’t keep doing it. I thrive off of variety and am thrilled that my work provides me with such things while sitting completely still. Rest assured that when I am not working, my computer is the last place you will find me.