ASACP CP Reporting Hotline - On Fire

Tim Henning

Beginning in May of this year ASACP saw reports submitted to the ASACP CP Reporting Hotline jump dramatically over the previous months of 2012 — and all of 2011. June and July have continued to see major increases in reporting volume. While the hotline processed an average of 4,890 raw reports of suspected CP per month over the 16 months leading up to May 2012 — May saw hotline reports jump to 6,175 raw reports — June has seen this trend continue at 10,519 raw reports — and with the numbers almost in for July it appears that number will have exploded to over 12,000 reports of suspected child pornography in this latest month. ASACP staff is currently analyzing data in order to gain insight into the reason or reasons for such startling increases in reporting volume.

ASACP is frequently called upon to assist members and sponsors, mainstream, public and government organizations, as well as authorities and the criminal justice system — on an international level. Since 2003 the hotline has processed more than 670,000 reports of suspected child pornography and forwarded more than 110,000 unique reports to authorities and hotlines worldwide.

Since 1996, ASACP has been helping companies protect children and protect their businesses.

One of the roles ASACP plays in protecting children and businesses is that of its CP reporting hotline data collection and analysis. Because trends are constantly changing ASACP will continue to inform and educate by periodically releasing updates to its very successful first report —“ASACP Hotline Report: Online Child Pornography Data and Analysis.” Look for the next update to be released later in 2012.

A few things to remember if you happen across suspected child pornography online. When reporting CP it is important to know what to do and what not to do in order to protect yourself from inadvertently breaking any laws.


  • Report the URL address of the suspected child pornography content to
  • Our simple reporting form is quick, effective and anonymous.
  • ASACP only requires the URL address of the suspect site but please take note of anything you notice and answer the optional questions or use the comments field.
  • You will receive a unique CID number for your report which you can use to contact us if you wish, at some future date.


  • Do not download / save any content (images/video) ...even for the purpose of reporting.
  • Do not transmit content such as in an email attachment...even for the purpose of reporting.
  • Do not re-visit a suspected site to make note of information missed when you first found it ... even for the purpose of reporting.
  • Do not post suspected cp activity to boards or other social networks, the best course of action is to always report suspected CP activity to

(See this ASACP public service video for more information:

By taking the above steps you will ensure that your report gets the most expedient attention by those that can act upon it — and you will be protecting yourself from potential legal pitfalls.

Since 1996, ASACP has been helping companies protect children and protect their businesses. Best Practices, a Code of Ethics, the Restricted To Adults — RTA Website Label and the ASACP CP Reporting Hotline all play vitally important roles in this regard. ASACP is the only organization that bridges the necessity of online child safety issues with the needs of legitimate adult entertainment business owners and the noted concerns of international regulators and lawmakers — an effort which is made possible by the sponsorships, membership fees and donations that the association receives from decision makers like you.

To learn more about how you can become involved visit It’s the right thing to do and you’ll be protecting your business by protecting children. For more information, contact