Gurus of Nuru: Numa Gel Redefines Couples Massage

Lucy D'Olimpo

About two years ago, husband-and-wife team Cariel Cohen and Orit Benzaquen introduced us to the U.S. adaption of Japanese erotic Nuru massages with Numa Massage Gel. The couple has taken their company to whole new level since then.

After becoming a new mom, Benzaquen was looking for a new way to bring intimacy back into her sex life with her husband. The couple came across Japanese erotic Nuru massage — which requires the use of a slippery gel to allow for slick body-to-body rubbing — fell in love with it and wanted to bring it to the rest of the world.

For NG the motto is to bring excitement into your healthy sex life no matter who you are or how old.

Numa Massage Gel has taken on a whole new level of intimacy since it doubles as a wonderful lubricant for intercourse. The water-based formula is easy to clean, tasteless, transparent and won’t leave a trace on bed sheets. Cohen and Benzaquen also found that unlike most other gels they tried that would rub off too quickly, their Numa Gel formula was long-lasting with a very slippery consistency that they loved.

Numa Gel features a U.S.-manufactured formula that is 98 percent natural. Ingredients include moisturizing nori seaweed, aloe vera, chamomile and grapefruit extracts that leave skin feeling sleek and hydrated after a sensual massage session.

Ever since originally creating this product for the U.S. market, Numa Gel has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, says Benzaquen. Not only has Numa Gel picked up Holiday Products as its exclusive U.S. distributor, but also expanded with distribution in Canada, Australia, Germany, U.K., and France and is working on South America at the moment.

Feedback received on the company’s website,, determines what new products they look into making, Benzaquen said. Most recently Numa Gel released a one-liter value bottle called “the Jug,” which is great for parties or a bath tub, while accessories such as the Premium Nuru inflatable mattress, fitted PU bed sheets, Acrylic Chair allow you to set up a Nuru massage wherever your naughty mind takes you.

The PU bedding is manufactured by a high-end U.K. company thanks to a partnership, Benzaquen said. The sheets are available in a variety of standard bed sizes and colors. Made with a polyurethane coating, giving a high gloss finish, on stretchy polyester jersey, the fabric is resistant to Nuru massage gels but not completely waterproof. also contributed to the growth of the company by not only promoting Numa Gel to couples for massage but also as an everyday lube and by targeting younger crowds. As Benzaquen herself puts it, “For NG the motto is to bring excitement into your healthy sex life no matter who you are or how old.”