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What is your role and responsibility at JennaCash?

As Director of Webmaster Relations, I am responsible for all affiliates, new and existing. I actively seek new relationships, provide marketing materials and...

As Director of Webmaster Relations, I am responsible for all affiliates, new and existing. I actively seek new relationships, provide marketing materials and support for existing ones, and am the “face” of JennaCash at all industry related events. It's a lot of work, but I am extremely proud to be working with such an amazing company.

Additionally, I am also involved with ClubJenna's joint venture with NakedSword, It is our first foray into the gay community and we are thrilled at the response so far. Not surprisingly, it has been a very interesting marketing campaign and it challenges me greatly. I also head up marketing efforts for Adult Profit Network's portfolio of niche sites, such as and Again, a different marketing channel but it is one that we've had great success with. I prefer to be a busy girl and this year has proved to be no disappointment.

Give us a typical Monday at your desk?

Whew. Where should I start? Generally, I get a LARGE cup of coffee and start with the daily download of emails. If I haven't been online over the weekend (which is extremely rare), I am greeted by a mass of emails ranging from “what is my password?” to “how can I get Jenna to promote my _______?” It is usually an interesting mix, so I enjoy this part of my day immensely. I follow that with a quick check of the boards, daily communications with my webmasters, newsletters, and a variety of other items that fall across my desk.

Since our recent announcement of our merger with PornStarBucks, I also have a multitude of projects related to the upcoming changes. We are extremely excited about what is to come, but that comes with a lot of work and a lot of organization. I never know what each day will bring. I usually wrap my day (evening) by sneaking one last peek at the boards and then it's off to the gym or beach.

What do you think is your greatest challenge or asset being a woman in the adult industry?

I truly believe that being a woman is a complete asset in the industry, as long as you conduct yourself professionally. I am not naïve to the fact that being a woman opens doors and I take complete advantage of that fact, knowing that I'm here to make money, both for my affiliates AND for the companies that I represent. We are fortunate to work in an environment where relationships are everything. I have 3 golden rules: Know your facts, know your faces, and know your business. There is no greater professional turnoff than to be approached by a company rep who has not done their homework before coming to speak to me, male and female alike.

What strategies do you use to maintain balance in your life?

If I am to answer honestly, I will tell you that it is very difficult. The travel and time demands, the product that we are selling, and the unpredictability of our industry can lead to stress in personal relationships. I try to take one day at a time and focus on my core family relationships and the rest seems to fall in line. I have great friendships, both in and out of the industry, a great family, and an amazing boyfriend. I also happen to work for one of the top names in adult entertainment. I'd have to say that I feel very blessed, all things considered.

What advice would you give other women who want to enter your field?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Stay professional. This is a fun business and there are ample opportunities to party, but the bottom line is it is a business. I've seen a lot of people come and go in this industry. Don't take it for granted. One bad show can cost you your reputation and in a relation-based industry, reputation is EVERYTHING.