Your Cascade Must Include Alternatives

Joe D

You know I'm always searching for unique and novel ways to help businesses excel and generate more revenue online.  Successful e-commerce is hard work typified by continuous innovation and experimentation, and helping customers feel comfortable right through the payment process is essential to this continued success.  Emerging markets are having a significant impact on our traffic trends, and catering to their needs and desires and enabling familiar secure payment options with which they identify should be a primary focus in order to maximize your revenues.  Don't leave ANYTHING on the table!  You got them on your site, now complete the transaction.

Do you offer Paypal EU, Ukash, Smart-Cheque, Sofort, ELV, Giropay, iDeal, and Astropay which covers South America including Brazil

Let your users pay with cash!

Did you know 51% of women and 40% of men still desire personal anonymity online?  There remains a fear of divulging personal data because of credit card fraud and identity theft, and some are still reluctant to have it known they’ve joined an ‘adult’ or ‘cheating’ site.

How many of your surfers abandon you on the payment page?

Do you provide anonymous global and cash join options?

What percentage of your attempted credit card joins end in decline?  5%?  10%? 20%?  Concerned with scrubbing and declines? 

Cascade to anonymous and cash payments for the ultimate join salvation. 

Write me for details and let’s meet at the EU shows!