An "Hypnotic Tip" to Increase Sales

Phillip Lemarque

Phillip Lemarque is back today to discuss a Hypnotic Method for increasing sales. Check out this interesting piece that delves into some of the psychological aspects of surfer manipulation, and see if this technique will produce effective results for you.

"Got a banana?"


If someone asks "Got a banana?" The question might make sense if asked in the right situation, but if asked out of context it is strange. Probably the person who is saying the line wants to be cute, or get your attention with an out of the ordinary question.

What if the next question is "Ask me about the monkey."

Why this series of weird questions? It stops your brain in its tracks, it makes you pause, it makes you focus on the person who is asking these unusual questions. The theory is that once you stop someone with a confusing line, you can then implant a hypnotic command right after it.

In other words, if I write something like "Wanna see a Virgin Being Fucked by a GOAT?" and then follow it with "Get the scoop in my NEW Free Section," chances are very high that you are going to want to go to this "NEW Section" right away.

Why? Because the first line jammed your mind, and the second line slipped into your brain while you were not on the defensive. Your defense system has been shaken for a short while. I've just upped the odds that you will visit my "NEW Pages" on my web site. And if you don't, of course, it doesn't matter because I never really told you to go and do it. Do you see the subtle point? There is no one "Forcing" you to go to this NEW section, you were hypnotized and I made you do what I wanted.

When someone sees "Ask me about the monkey," and clicks on the banner, I can simply point out that they were practically hypnotized, and I got them to do what I wanted. If you are describing your web site in great detail, be willing to toss in something odd.

The same thing will happen on your NEW banners; since you want to utilize Hypnotic Marketing you want a strange, confusing line on all NEW banners from now on.

The Japanese practice this "hypnotic confusion" unknowingly. In Japan reportedly you will see English phrases on Japanese products like these: A tube of toothpaste might say, "Green days you not sing." A box of cookies might say "Wood above fish." Their translation of the English sentences were done without taking into account the way people express themselves, they are translating from Japanese to English, word for word.

How can you use this secret right now? Don't be afraid to be confusing. People tend to sort out whatever you say anyway and make sense out of it using their own terms. If you are describing your web site in great detail, be willing to toss in something odd. It may increase sales. To help you become a Guru at marketing your Adult Web Site get our eBook: "How to Advertise your Adult Web Site like a Pro."