Social Media Fuels Live Chat

Stephen Yagielowicz

Every website owner and affiliate marketer knows that having a reliable, stable and ever-increasing source of high quality, paying visitors is a necessary ingredient to profits. Typically, this traffic will result from various promotions — or in other words, “getting the word out” — something most girls excel at...

With a blur of thumbs dancing across a Smartphone’s keyboard, wildly texting endless amounts of the most banal drivel, the next generation of consumers are turning into experienced self-promoters, whether they realize it or not. From the incessant need to update Facebook statuses and Twitter feeds, to hours spent on “old school” phone calls, many consumers seeking to bring themselves to the world are leveraging technology, including today’s social media platforms.

As the Internet has evolved, so have the opportunities and methods for talent within the adult entertainment industry to reach out to their fans. -Marc Jarett of MyPhoneSite.com

Turning this talk from gossip to a revenue gateway is a logical step that could pay off for performers, which already have the tools and the skills to use them.

For example, a cam performer with a Twitter following can easily boost their income by Tweeting out an alert that they will be going online in five minutes. Likewise, a discreet status update could slip by the Facebook police, but still alert fans that you will soon be live on your site of choice — driving waves of highly targeted visitors to your next show.

While mainstream venues may impose strict limitations on adult marketing efforts, a simple “check this out…” with a short-code link could seem innocent enough to pass scrutiny — where an affiliate link to a known adult cam site might be flagged as spam. It is all a matter of the subtlety of your approach.

According to Naughty Tweet CEO Peter Housley, the core definition of social media is to be social.

“The adult entertainment industry is required to be more social than many others and that extends to personal interactions between talent and consumers at events, online via webcam and chat, e-mail and more,” Housley stated. “Consumers want to know the stars — what kind of coffee they order, their favorite restaurant, etc.”

The personal touch required to communicate on such an intimate and revealing level is a perfect arena for performers accustomed to the “tease and please” at generates desire, and ultimately, sales.

Accomplishing this can take many forms — including the marriage of online social media and legacy phone services — such as the recently announced deal between Naughty Tweet and MyPhoneSite.com, which leverages the latter’s VoIP technology to deliver live one-on-one conversations, as well as a range of value-add services, such as subscription-based access to daily “wake up” voicemails from performers.

“As the Internet has evolved, so have the opportunities and methods for talent within the adult entertainment industry to reach out to their fans,” Marc Jarett of MyPhoneSite.com stated. “Far from killing-off pay-per-minute phone chat services, the Internet created a powerful new variant of them.”

“Obviously, publishing your cell phone number on your website or blog is not the way to go,” Jarett added. “However, you can easily add a dynamic widget which will show green when you are ready to take calls. These can then be routed anonymously to your landline or [mobile], anywhere in the world.”

Specialty sites such as MyPornProfile.com are also springing up to serve the adult social market, allowing performers to reach their fans without worrying about having their mainstream media profiles deleted; while using the power of Android and iPhone apps to reach their regular customers on the go.

The underlying theme is one of communication and interactivity, where the ability to reach your own audience is vital for performers seeking to put their future (and their profits) into their own hands.