Affiliate Promos, White Label Sites Ease Process

Stephen Yagielowicz

Whether you are a prospective adult business owner hoping to capitalize on the demand for live interactive content, or an established player seeking to bolster your existing internal network offerings, collaborating with more experienced companies to provide the necessary infrastructure items such as billing, models and customer support, offers compelling advantages.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when marketing live chat sites, as a wide range of services and affiliate programs are available to ease the process. Companies such as Adult Webmaster Empire, Dating Gold, Pussy Cash, Video Secrets and others, are ready to assist you in setting up a customizable “clone” site (also known as a white label website) that features your branding, as well as your desired look and feel.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when marketing live chat sites, as a wide range of services and affiliate programs are available to ease the process.

Each company offers varying degrees of customization and support; with some being stronger as far as search engine marketing potential (where custom category, page, section and tag names for example, are desirable), while others may offer more models available online for a given category — perhaps the biggest consideration for prospective marketers.

Mobile versions, global translations and multiple billing options all play roles when deciding which offer is the best fit for your business and marketing plan; and while these options may be myriad and at times confusing, each company has dedicated support staff to help you make the right decision.

Of course, testing several white label and parent site offerings on your own traffic will provide the most insight — an easy and often inexpensive proposition, given the typically minimal (or free) cost of setting up a white label site, or of commencing adult affiliate site promotions.

Consider also that the choice of promoting a white label or the sponsor’s site directly does not have to be a simple “either or” choice, as many white label websites offer custom out-links which are useable for sending exiting visitors to the sponsor’s site, as well as your own network or other sponsor websites. Likewise, so-called pop-under and other advertising methods can generate additional revenues, by cross promoting marquee and white label sites.

Give prospects choices (especially multiple models) and you will have a better chance at making sales from live webcams.

Just as an Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) such as CCBill may be a better choice for startup paysite operators than is investing in their own merchant account and support system, existing website owners can leverage white label sites and affiliate programs to earn additional revenues from the live cam market segment. Moreover, operators can do it for as little as the cost of a decent domain name — or in the case of programs that offer white label sites on sub-domains, free.

If you are looking to test the waters in the live adult video chat arena, this approach may be best.