ManyCam Offers Multi-Network Streaming

Stephen Yagielowicz

It is no secret that the adult live cam arena is profitable for performers and promoters alike, with some savvy operators making themselves available on several networks at the same time, multiplying their chances of getting a tip or booking a private show. While this can lead to using more than one cam and computer, software tools can eliminate this additional overhead, splitting one signal to many users.

According to its publisher, ManyCam ( allows live cam performers to deliver their content to multiple webcam networks, including Skype, MSN, and YouTube, simultaneously, via its virtual webcam driver software.

ManyCam allows live cam performers to deliver their content to multiple webcam networks, including Skype, MSN, and YouTube, simultaneously.

The system is also compatible with most adult webcam networks.

No mere switcher or signal multiplier, ManyCam offers a range of useful and innovative features.

“Add thousands of amazing webcam effects and custom graphics inside any webcam application. Change your face, eyes, [and] hair; add backgrounds, and much more,” states the publisher’s website. “Try our live audio effects and voice changer. Improve your microphone audio quality, make a funny high voice, low voice, or disguise your voice with any app.”

ManyCam offers many additional features, including approximately 8,000 special effects plug-ins, which provides a wide range of audio and video effects, such as an “underwater” background (perfect for marketing the “naughty mermaid” fantasy), various holiday themes, and artistic overlays that allow performers to appear as “pencil sketches” and more.

An underused resource for adult webcam performers, these creative addons could provide deep niche marketing opportunities, when properly marketed.

Additional features include the ability to draw over the video window, screencast the users’ desktop online, and include your own custom effects and graphics into the mix.

Upgrading to the sub-$50 Pro version adds the ability to switch between audio and video sources using the software’s live video studio switcher and unlocks the company’s Pro series effects.

The simple interface and expansive feature set make this an ideal solution for small studio owners and real amateur site operators seeking a competitive advantage.

“ManyCam Pro allows you to record videos to show later, broadcast live video with multiple sources, switch between audio sources, cross-fade and transition, and add text over your live video or screencast,” the publisher’s site explains. “ManyCam Pro users also get access to our library of awesome ManyCam Pro audio and video effects.”

While many ManyCam features and effects may seem “cheesy” for adult applications, this tool is more than useful in its free download version, and the foundation of a decent live cam studio in its more advanced Pro version — and for the price, a deal that can’t be beat.