MetaTeam Brings Collaboration to Cloud

Stephen Yagielowicz

MetaTeam (, a new project management tool from Altova, boosts productivity, project development and team member effectiveness by taking your team to the Cloud via its advanced suite of interactive messaging features.

According to the company, MetaTeam is a different kind of project management tool.

Designed to support the entire team ā€” not just the project manager ā€” MetaTeam fosters collaboration and promotes a sense of ownership among all project stakeholders.

“Designed to support the entire team — not just the project manager — MetaTeam fosters collaboration and promotes a sense of ownership among all project stakeholders,” states its publisher, adding, “MetaTeam’s apps help your team create an environment of transparency and information accessibility while spelling out individual roles and responsibilities.”

The product is as much about team management as it is about project management.

“Highly effective teams are comprised of individuals who know exactly what their roles and responsibilities are and feel a strong sense of ownership in the project,” MetaTeam’s publisher notes. “When team members feel like project owners rather than simply task executers, there is increased accountability and projects are more likely to be completed on time and to specification.”

As a cloud-based application, MetaTeam provides 24/7 availability for all team members. A shallow learning curve and streamlined interface allows users to begin collaborating with each other quickly, with a minimum amount of training or IT support.

The system’s to-dos section allows managers to delegate and track task assignments, deadlines, and project status updates; while other functions provide role management, an integrated wiki-powered knowledge base, a glossary outlining project-specific vocabulary, and a “Decisions App,” enabling highly structured decision making, including ranking and voting tools.

A directory centralizes team member’s contact information, while threaded discussions and e-mail notifications help keep everyone on the same page.

“MetaTeam improves team performance by ensuring that each team member knows who is responsible for what and everyone uses the same terminology,” its publisher concludes. “MetaTeam fosters a transparent, collaborative environment that transforms project stakeholders into project owners, improving morale and removing impediments to productivity.”

Set up a free MetaTeam account today and see if it helps your team work more closely together.


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