Chronic Marketing With Brad Gosse

Stephen Yagielowicz

Attendees of recent XBIZ LA events may be familiar with veteran online marketing guru Brad Gosse, whose presentations have highlighted various unique and innovative approaches to traffic building. Gosse has a new book out, entitled, “Confessions of A Half-Baked (But Highly Paid) Internet Marketer (Volume 1),” which is seeing brisk sales at, where it is among the toprated in its category.

Calling it “a book about building your own future,” Gosse told XBIZ that while it was not easy for him to attain the success he has achieved, his book should make it easier for readers to succeed online and to do so on their own terms.

Since the book is about mindset, it applies to mainstream and adult entrepreneurs the same way.

“Whether you enjoy a little weed now and then or not, you will learn how I built my business online, giving me over 5,000 mornings without an alarm clock, bosses, investors or crappy clients,” Gosse stated. “My business makes me money regardless of my personal schedule.”

“I can go to the spa, play Call of Duty, read, or eat brownies and pass out,” he added. “Every time I check my account, there is more money.”

A self-taught marketer with 15 years of online marketing experience, Gosse launched his first adult website in 1997 and held the number two Google search engine spot for “porn” for 18 months straight. Gosse began marketing more mainstream offers in 2007 and today offers more than 300 products using employees and automated systems — allowing him time to pursue new business ventures and develop new products — such as his this book. Gosse has also been a popular speaker at XBIZ and other events.

Discussing his motivation in setting his thoughts to paper, Gosse says that he always wanted to write “a real book.”

“I publish lots of case studies, white papers etc. and many people have asked me to put more of my mindset into a book form, so that’s what I did,” Gosse told XBIZ. “I am not saying my way is perfect, but I have found a way to operate my business in a way that allows me to enjoy my lifestyle.”

As for the target audience, Gosse says that it consists of “Entrepreneurs who either work from home or have a business they want to free themselves from a little bit.”

Gosse says that all marketers, adult and mainstream, will benefit from reading his book.

“Since the book is about mindset,” Gosse notes, “it applies to mainstream and adult entrepreneurs the same way.”

“I spent my first 10 years in adult and talk about it frequently in the book,” he added. “The idea of building online businesses that work for you is not unique to any category.”

As for when “Volume 2” will be forthcoming, the author is contemplating several different ideas.

“Many people have told me they liked the few adult business stories I put in the book and suggested a book full of those,” Gosse said. “If I write that, I will be calling on industry friends for help.”

“The other idea is a book about high functioning entrepreneurs,” Gosse concluded. “My plan is to interview millionaires who like to smoke pot recreationally to help debunk the myth that all pot smokers are lazy losers.”

Regardless of where you might fit into that broad spectrum, you will find Gosse’s book entertaining and informative, so get your copy today.


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