David Christopher Talks Three Decades of Filth

Nelson Ayala

David Christopher is a 30-year adult industry veteran who rose to prominence in the 1990s as producer, director and performer Pussyman. The moniker was always more than just a stage handle; it represented Christopher’s devotion to the female form, namely its holiest of holies. It’s a passion that has evolved to new extremes in his latest Deviant David titles for Abigail Productions.

XBIZ caught up with Christopher to ask him about his adventures in FemDom, changes in the industry and his new deviant ways.

Everyone knows I love pussy; so they shouldn’t have a problem watching me become a bottom feeder so long as I’m feeding on today’s hot and wild porn stars. —David “Pussyman” Christopher

How is Deviant David different from Pussyman?

Deviant David is the evolution of the Pussyman series as far as the ritual of worshipping pussy. I decided to add kinkier FemDom characteristics, including verbal abuse, and face-sitting in different environments — such as the toilet, which I find unique and wild for both the performers and the viewers. It’s a special kind of performance that I didn’t go into in the Pussyman stuff.

How risky is it to leave the Pussyman brand?

It’s not that risky. People know me as the guy who worships pussy so the Pussyman brand has not really gone away. It’s just evolved into females using the power of their sexuality to gain pleasure from the male. My fans know me for showcasing the power of the pussy. Now, I’ve just added the power of the big ass.

Your new series, “Clean My Ass,” is ruthlessly FemDom.

“Clean My Ass” and “Worship My Giant Black Ass” are presented in a more openly fetish manner. I had a series called “Pussyman’s Facesitting Fanatics,” which featured women sitting on guys’ faces followed by a regular fuck scene. In my new series, I don’t care about traditional fuck scenes, but instead focus on the combination of FemDom control and intense face-sitting. Fetishes have become very big over the last few years with the internet; many people are bored with regular vanilla sex, and are looking for something more unique.

Does it ever hurt your ego to be called names or ridiculed for being old?

My feelings don’t get hurt. I’m not young anymore. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. I kind of get a kick out of some of the names the actresses call me. I have a setup that I use frequently where I, or the ‘Aggressive Female,’ will tell the audience that this is what happens to someone who has been doing sex scenes and directing for decades!

Do you worry about how fans will perceive you after watching these scenes?

I don’t worry. I just want to make sure that they’re wild and hot and different enough that they turn many people on. If they think I’ve gone too far; they can tune out. But my fans are usually bright enough and sexually oriented enough to find the material highly engrossing. Everyone knows I love pussy; so they shouldn’t have a problem watching me become a bottom feeder so long as I’m feeding on today’s hot and wild porn stars.

How does working in the industry today differ from when you first started?

The attitudes are the main difference. Back then, talent took acting classes. People were there to enjoy themselves and show off their acting and sexual talent. The people who made the movies cared about eroticism. They cared about their product. Today’s group of directors and internet shooters could care less. It’s a product to them. The word ‘content’ is a perfect example of what they really think about shooting sexual material. They just need to fill material. That attitude spills over to the talent, agents and heads of companies. They care about the money and getting the scene done so it can be put up the next day on the internet.

You once ran Coast to Coast Video. What was that like?

I was running Coast to Coast from 1986 to 1993, and wasn’t involved in the actual directing or performing. Being the only major company in New York, we would pick the project and director and shoot it in California. We did many series such as “Cheeks,” “Raunch” and X-rated parodies like those popular today. The difference was that we would change a word in the title, for example, “Dancing with Wolves” was called “Dancing with Foxes,” as opposed to the present day where the same title as the movie being parodied is used, except “XXX” is put on its tail line. We were afraid back then that the Hollywood studios would sue us for trademark name. But, we sold many, many more copies in those days.

What change in the business do you lament most?

What change has been beneficial? The worst thing that happened to the business was the corporate move to put scenes for free on the tube sites. By doing this, younger adults don’t have to pay for sex scenes. A business that, even in a bad economic situation, flourished has stopped flourishing.

This is another reason to capture markets of different niches. The change to more niche-oriented material allowed me to explore my new lines. “Worship My Giant Black Ass” is really unique because the market for sexy and aggressive black women dominating white guys for their pleasure is relatively new. White boy humiliation — where the white guy is verbally used and degraded for not having a big enough cock — is a stereotype that we use for the fantasy, and it has brought me many new fans who have never been able to get realistic action of this type.

Got any porn predictions? What’s next for you?

Watching people perform various sexual acts will always be of interest to all. Sex still runs the minds and ideas of most people. The fact that sex has been so repressed for so long lends to the fact that there will always be some sort of sexual need for individuals to watch and participate in sexual action. Sex has also become more voyeuristic with the advent of the computer.

I’ll continue to show the public how to worship the female form. The true sense of a real sexual artist, performer and director is to create tremendous action that is unique and evolving. I’ve been happy to pave the way for other artists.


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