Adult Retailers Are on the Frontline of Fighting for Free Expression and Privacy!

Diane Duke

Adult retailers confront a number of challenges in their ability to provide products to their customers. Many local municipalities have zoning laws that make it difficult for adult businesses to find a location to set up shop. Once their stores are open, adult retailers have to contend with restrictions on the ratio of adult products sold, the type of products sold and much more. Believe it or not, it is still illegal to sell products designed to “stimulate genitalia” in some Southern states. And it is not just various governments that threaten adult retailers, some adult businesses get dropped by their bank or insurance company when the institution finds out that the retailer sells adult products.

Sometimes it seems like the cards are stacked against adult retailers. FSC wants retailers to know that they don’t have to go it alone. The Free Speech Coalition is here to help … We’ve got your back.

Sometimes it seems like the cards are stacked against adult retailers. FSC wants retailers to know that they don’t have to go it alone.

Below are some of the ways FSC provides support for adult retailers:

Attorney Referral — All adult retailers should have an attorney that specializes in adult industry related law to help business owners understand the legal issues involved with owning and running an adult business. Adult companies must be familiar with local and state laws as well as federal laws, like 2257, that may apply to their business. FSC can help adult businesses find an experienced attorney near them who can explain the aforementioned risks. Moreover, it is prudent to have an attorney familiar with your business to navigate legal issues as they arise. FSC members can call (818) 348-9373 to get a referral or email

Insurance — FSC works with a number of insurance brokers to not only to write insurance with adult-friendly agencies, but also to get the best deal available for adult businesses. We are currently trying to negotiate group health insurance rates for FSC members that will enable small businesses to get health insurance at a big group or association price.

Advocacy Support Materials — Typically, retailers contend with local opposition arguments about so called “secondary effects.” Anti-adult industry zealots reinforce negative myths by arguing that adult businesses increase crime rates and lower property values in the areas near adult retail stores. Often these myths lead to restrictive regulations that can put an adult retailer out of business. FSC has created an Adult Retailer Advocacy Support packet to assist adult retailers in advocating in their local communities.

You Are Not Alone — While each community has its own set of opportunities and challenges, the barriers that adult retailers face often are similar. FSC will work with member retailers facing restrictions in their own communities to network them with other retailers who have faced similar issues. We understand the value of learning from the experience, success and failures of others. FSC wants our member retailers to know, when you face a local challenge, you are not alone.

Free Consumer Members for your Customers — FSC member retailers can offer an FSC consumer membership to their customers at no cost (a $25 value). Customers will get a weekly newsletter with updates about the adult entertainment community as well as notices should the threat of local restrictions surface.

For more information about FSC membership and retail support contact