3D On The Rise?

Stephen Yagielowicz

Whether it is the interactivity of Utherverse’s Red Light Center (RedlightCenter.com) and the popular Loki Land (Lokiland3D.com), or the 3D video of Dominic Ford (DominicFord.com) and beyond, adult entertainment offers are increasingly mimicking the three dimensions of the real world — with a number of new products coming to market that are pushing the boundaries of adult 3D tech.

For example, the Thrixxx game engine powered PinkVisual-Games (PinkVisualGames.com) provides a free downloadable game that allows users to create their own animated 3D porn scenes.

Part of what we love about the game is that it gives our fans the ability to express their own fantasies directly, and to create scenarios that can’t be found on any porn site, or in any porn video. —Pink Visual’s Liam Colins

According to the company, the new offer enables players to control virtually every aspect of the 3D “sex-sim” experience, as they create the models’ appearance and clothing, sexual positions, camera angles and locations — unlocking new locations and features as they play, further expanding the game.

“The game is highly versatile and allows players to construct anything from simple one and two person scenes to complex threesome sex fantasies,” Pink Visual’s Liam Colins said. “Part of what we love about the game is that it gives our fans the ability to express their own fantasies directly, and to create scenarios that can’t be found on any porn site, or in any porn video.”

Thrixxx’ Brad Abram says PinkVisualGames is more than a simple Flash or browserbased PC game.

“It’s a full on, adults-only sex game simulation experience, akin to EA Sims meets Farmville, but with sex included,” Abram stated. “Users collect virtual items to expand in-game content and fantasy experiences, and everything is personalized to the user tastes. User generated content from the game can also be shared via the community, where members rank others fantasies and social network.”

Another company promoting the use of adult 3D is Bionic Intelligence (www.bionicintelligence.com), which is including 3D content in a new web series set in its TexSex Gymnasium (ModelTexans.com).

According to Bionic Intelligence writer/director Steve Awesome, glasses-free 3D technology is an inevitable development for the consumer electronics industry.

“It took several years for color TV to catch on in the 1960s. We are at a similar place in the 2010s,” Awesome stated. “It’s only a matter of time until a game changing 3D viewing device will be adopted by the public en masse.”

Awesome says that Bionic Intelligence seeks to create innovative and unique three-dimensional videos, for example, using Abyss Creations’ RealDolls, and targeting the Nintendo 3DS as a new content viewing platform.

“Our goal is to film unusual situations that highlight the strengths of our 3D technology,” Awesome added. “We’re at the forefront of a new adult content delivery model and it never hurts to get ahead of the game.”

Awesome says the company shoots its 3D videos in full HD, using two Canon Vixia HF20 cameras.

“The resulting left and right video is mixed and encoded for both SBS (side-by-side format) viewers as well as the millions of Nintendo 3DS users,” Awesome stated. “They just download the files and copy them to their SD card.”

With the growing market for 3D content of all shapes, sizes and formats, the future of adult 3D profits seems to be anything but flat.


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