Creepy Crawlies: Part Three


It's not hard to make yourself more visible to the major Search Engines. By using the tips and tricks in this article series, you can easily get yourself listed higher in their ranking's without resorting to expensive Promotion Programs.

In the first part of this article series I gave you some hints on improving your site's exposure to Search Engines by adding Meta Data and Crawler-friendly content. In my second article I showed you a few more tricks to make yourself more visible. Now, I'm going to give you some "don'ts" of the Search Engine world...

DON'T — overstuff your Keywords. Crawlers are increasingly getting smarter and will either stop indexing your Meta Tags after a certain number of characters or completely discard your entry because it uses the word "sex" 28 times in the Meta Description Tag.

DON'T — use Keywords that don't reflect your content. If you use Keywords like "Bin Laden" or "Napster" (both hot search terms), but have nothing like that in your content, you will likely be penalized by most of the major Search Engines. They scan Keywords and Text and see if the two correlate. If they don't, you may be Blacklisted or given a lower ranking. If you want to get extra Keyword coverage, make sure some pages contain text about these topics and put a link on your Site Map. This way the Crawler's Algorithm will see that your content matches your Keywords and you'll be ranked higher.

DON'T — use "Doorway Creation" programs. The days of Search Engine Spamming are long over. I can't stress this enough! Their Algorithms are increasingly complex and they all can easily recognize that 500 pages from the same domain, but with slightly different text are actually the same page and it conforms to a pattern they have already learnt before. You will find yourself Blacklisted very quickly.

And from what I gather, once you are Blacklisted on a major Search Engine, it's very hard to get off the list, whether you're innocent or not. Plus, it's extremely difficult to find out whether you're not being indexed any more or not i.e. you'll never know you've been Blacklisted.

DON'T — use invisible text; tiny text; text the same color as the background etc. They check for it and you'll be penalized. The only thing I know that may get around this is the use of Cascading Style Sheets to achieve it. To a crawler, the text has a command around it, but they aren't sophisticated enough to read the CSS file and figure out whether it's the background color or not. I would love to know how true this idea is. If you have information regarding that, please let me know.

DON'T — be tempted to use words like "Lolita," "underage" and other words that convey anything to do with Pedophilia. They¹ll get you high rankings on certain sites, but there are a couple of reasons for avoiding these words. First is that mainstream Search Engines are increasingly Blacklisting sites with these particular tags. Second one is that you don¹t want the Feds busting up your apartment and/or taking your server away for examination. It could be a long time before you see it again ­ or it may end up in limbo. This would put a big dent into your profit margin; all for a few extra hits to your site. It's important to know Search Engine habits really well — they are your vehicle to long-term profit.

It's important to know Search Engine habits really well — they are your vehicle to long-term profit. Below are a number of URL's to publications I recommend. They are aimed at all Webmasters, not just Adult Webmasters, but tell you what you need to know to be Search Engine Friendly. — This site is my top recommendation. Not only does it let you know what the major Search Engines are up to, but it offers a Newsletter that is delivered Daily or Monthly. You can't go past this for Search Engine news. — Another good Site and Newsletter that talks about current Search Engine issues as well as general Webmaster ideas such as Click Through Ratio's (CTR) and many other topics of interest to Mainstream and Adult Webmasters alike.

Hopefully these hints will help to get you listed higher on Search Engines. They're fairly simple and easy to implement and will increase your exposure dramatically. Hopefully they've also given you some ideas on clever ways of increasing your visibility such as Multi-Language Doorways.

Of course, it's often a good idea to get a professional to go over your site and recommend and/or implement Crawler-friendly features. With 3 years experience in a large Advertising Agency and another 3 years of Freelancing for Multinational clients, Nigel can give your site a thorough analysis that will help make your site much more visible to Crawlers. He can be contacted at

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