Dotting your I's, Crossing your T's

Tim Henning

ASACP endeavors to maintain a prolific adult trade show schedule, attending as many relevant industry events as our budget and schedule allows, as this enables us to develop and cultivate relationships and share in a technical knowledge base that helps keep the ASACP mission moving forward. This is a crucial component of ASACP’s community outreach program since we are able to teach, learn, and share with companies actively involved in this evolving arena where the industry is continually in flux.

After returning from a highly productive XBIZ Summit in Miami, Florida and having the opportunity to talk with many business owners, decision makers, and those in management positions within the adult entertainment industry, it is clear that many companies are doing their best to protect their businesses. However, it is equally clear that there are still some that are not doing what they need to do in order to best protect their businesses. There are many legal pitfalls that are a reality of doing business in the adult space and businesses need to not only be aware of these pitfalls but also take steps to mitigate the risks. Every company, large or small, needs to have procedures in place in order to best deal with unexpected issues should they arise.

ASACP is the only organization that bridges the necessity of online child safety issues with the needs of legitimate adult entertainment business owners and the noted concerns of international regulators and lawmakers.

As the adult entertainment industry’s leading trade association, ASACP’s business is as much about protecting your business as it is about protecting children. For nearly 16 years ASACP has educated members and sponsors, the online adult entertainment industry, international government policy makers, and the public about online child safety, child exploitation, and the efforts of the online adult entertainment industry to battle child sexual abuse and be proactive with internet child safety issues.

ASACP, in conjunction with many experienced adult entertainment industry leaders, has developed recommended Best Practices as a basis for companies to build or augment their own procedures in order to better protect their business as well as the greater industry as a whole. The ASACP recommended Best Practices includes recommendations specifically for many segments of the industry including; adult content sites, mobile adult content sites, thumb and movie gallery post sites, dating sites, search engines and directories, social media, billing companies, hosting companies as well as user generated content. These best practices can be found on the ASACP website here —

In order to further aid the industry with its efforts to protect their businesses ASACP also offers basic tips to companies on its “Tips for webmasters” page found here —

The ASACP membership and sponsorship program goes even further in enabling companies to further protect themselves. ASACP visually reviews all member and sponsor sites, spiders these sites for unacceptable terms and checks the URLs against our database of confirmed child pornography URLs collected via the ASACP CP hotline. ASACP monitors these sites on an ongoing basis and cross-references their sites against new child pornography reports in order to ensure the sites are not being abused by CP traffickers. This demonstrates your company is providing an extra duty of care to make sure your sites are by and for adults only.

This foundation of corporate cooperation for the greater good is what drives ASACP’s ability to carry out its vital mission of keeping children out of and away from adult entertainment, as this task is only accomplished through the continuing efforts and cooperation of the adult entertainment industry.

ASACP is the only organization that bridges the necessity of online child safety issues with the needs of legitimate adult entertainment business owners and the noted concerns of international regulators and lawmakers — an effort which is made possible by the sponsorships, membership fees and donations that the association receives from decision makers like you — and an effort which reaps continued rewards for all stakeholders.

To learn more about how you can become involved visit It’s the right thing to do and you’ll be protecting your business by protecting children. For more information, contact