Creepy Crawlies: Part Two


It's not hard to make yourself more visible to the major Search Engines. By using the tips and tricks in this article series, you can easily get yourself listed higher in the ranking's without resorting to expensive Promotion Programs.

In the first part of this article series I gave you some hints on improving your site's exposure to Search Engines by adding Meta Data and Crawler-friendly content. In this article I'll teach you some more tricks to make yourself more visible.

Before I continue though, I must confess that a hit from AltaVista appeared in my logs in between writing the first article and this one — it seems to have sent out a crawl since January 1st (the date my site went online). This is good news for us all that it's finally crawling again.

Don't Call Me Names
Do I care what I name my files? I often use Fireworks to cut up my console pages and it will auto-name the slices for me to save time. Does it make a difference?

Yes! Have a good look at the search result for anything XXX related in Search Engines and see what comes up. What domains rank highest — the ones that are Keyword Saturated. Alongside the results, the URL's those results came from are shown to the surfer. Named properly, these URL's not only increase your Keyword Saturation, but give a psychological edge to them that will increase your click-throughs.

To give you an example, I named all my main files on XXX Competitions like so: xxx-pornstar-interview.shtml. When the surfer sees that URL on the screen, they know exactly what sort of content is on the page. Plus, the Search Engine's love it as well!

I do the same things with my graphics. Even if I don't bother naming all the individual slices that Fireworks makes, I make sure the "base name" reflects the site I'm creating so the image files have Keywords in them i.e. sex-sluts-r05_c2.gif. If you don't use Fireworks to slice and dice, this probably doesn't make complete sense, but you are also probably paying extra bandwidth costs for images that Fireworks could squish further for you (unfortunately this is an article in itself).

You may think this is a waste of time, but remember that there are many Image Search services around now — well named files are going to rank much higher in these searches, plus your visitor will visually identify with the filename and this gives you more sales in the long term. The few extra minutes spent naming them well now will more than make up for it in extra $$$ over the life of your site.

Sorry, I Don't Speak English
There are a lot of people who don't speak English as a first language. In fact, the non-English-speaking market for porn is growing very quickly. A lot of these visitors will actually speak enough English though to navigate their way through your site. But how are they going to find your site in the first place?

From my research I've discovered that Germans type in German derivations of search terms rather than English equivalents i.e. Voyeure, sexkontakte telefonsex, erotische, amateurfotos:

How do I know that's what they're searching for? I found out from a German Search Voyeur. I sat there watching the Search Terms they typed in and noted them down. Then I made a page full of Sex Search Terms that I saw them use and submitted it to all of the German Search Engines I could find. I would suggest you acquaint yourself with sites like and other such multi-lingual Internet portals.

These particular Keywords pull in search's from that country. Ditto for Italy, Japan, France and Spain. Where I couldn't find a Search Voyeur to watch real terms being searched for, I used Babel fish ( to translate Keywords into all the different languages it offers. They may not all be 100% correct, but they are close enough to pulls in the hits from non-English Search Engines.

Like I said before, most of these surfers CAN read English enough to get around your site — you're just using the local dialect to pull them into the site via the Search Engines they prefer to use. I would suggest you acquaint yourself with sites like and other such multi-lingual Internet portals.

Needless to say, where possible, I joined banner schemes that promoted sites in the native language of each Language Doorway Page so they felt at home. Why miss out on the chance to promote sites in their native tongue?

In my next installment, I'll discuss Search Engine "Don'ts" and Resources.