Roland VR-3 Live Streaming AV Mixer Boosts Performance

Stephen Yagielowicz

As the level of competition within the adult entertainment industry escalates, quality plays an increasingly important role. One way to instill the perception of quality in an adult video is by showcasing performers from multiple angles, with smooth audio and professional transitions between shots and scenes.

While there are many ways to do this, when injecting live-to-web output as a factor into the equation, the process becomes more challenging.

Its innovative VR-3 incorporates a composite video switcher, audio mixer, preview monitors and a PC/Mac compatible, streaming-ready USB output.

According to Roland, its innovative VR-3 incorporates a composite video switcher, audio mixer, preview monitors and a PC/Mac compatible, streaming-ready USB output, in a single compact unit that reduces the hardware, setup time and connection complexity involved in producing live events, providing a worry-free, easy to use solution.

Extremely portable and built to withstand the rigors of field use, the VR-3 weighs less than five pounds and can be battery operated, providing an extremely portable solution that is ideal for productions broadcast live to the web — such as multi-angle live webcam sessions, or to fulfill the creative needs of small adult studios offering interactive fare.

An intuitive LCD touch screen interface serves as a studio output monitor and easily switches video sources, while providing an efficient means of accessing menus. Monitor views include a quad display of inputs, the program out feed or a combination quad view with program out, for added flexibility.

A built-in stereo microphone allows ambient sound to be mixed in, while the internal scan converter eases PC inputs, providing a through connection for displays or projectors.

Video effects such as keying, split screens and picture-in-picture, combined with digital audio effects including a Noise Gate, EQ, Reverb, Noise Suppressor, enhancer and master Lo/Hi filters, to provide a polished touch.

From this reviewer’s perspective, the unit’s biggest disadvantage is its reliance on analog RCA video inputs — that while allowing great flexibility in input sources, such as the use of inexpensive camcorders, the lack of USB or FireWire input is limiting in 2012. However, the VR-3’s sub-$2,000 price tag makes this handy unit worthwhile nonetheless, especially for studios that are already using video cameras with RCA video outputs.


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