Bridging the Real and Virtual Worlds

Stephen Yagielowicz

Take one look at nearly any venue’s event calendar and you’ll quickly realize that like-minded folks like to get together; and the adult entertainment industry and its fans and operatives, are no exception to this — as evidenced by countless business gatherings, porn star meet-and-greets, karaoke sessions and more — providing benefits for attendees and exhibitors alike.

With so many events targeting similar markets, “clustering” may be the best bet for leveraging attendee’s and presenter’s travel budgets and schedules — especially when the target is an international audience. This last point is important, as travel time and distance may be a bigger negative factor than cost or other issues, when determining a prospect’s ability or desire to attend your event.

With so many events targeting similar markets, “clustering” may be the best bet for leveraging attendee’s and presenter’s travel budgets and schedules.

For example, the recent XBIZ Summit event in Miami, targeting a B2B audience, will be directly followed by the B2C Exxxotica Miami Beach show, which will also coincide with the annual “Miss FreeOnes” competition, put on by the adult site of the same name.

This is a one-two-three punch combo that is sure to offer something for everyone that is interested in the diverse realm of adult entertainment.

While these real world events will doubtless draw better in larger urban centers where the population density is greater; when scheduled to coincide with other adult events that may offer cross-promotional opportunities; or when held in “porn towns” such as LA or in Las Vegas, the potential for smaller operators, or those located in more rural areas, to make use of this promotional vehicle, is limited only by their imagination.

For example, local adult shops could be a venue for an “artist’s signing,” where you offer prints of your photos; and strip clubs are an easy target for a marketing event, such as a “porn appreciation night,” where your branded video clips are played on a big screen behind the dance stage and maybe some swag such as t-shirts are given away.

Sure, not every small town will appreciate Joe’s Link List holding “porn night” at its downtown theatre or bowling alley, but the right mix of market, audience and cost could make it a worthwhile experiment that could grow organically on its own.

The informal gatherings held around the world by XBIZ.net members are an example.

Of course, not everyone will take kindly to your efforts no matter where they’re tried.

For example, mainstream social couponing site, Groupon, is currently the target of an organized boycott due to its refusal to pull discount coupons for Kink.com’s tours of its headquarters at the historic San Francisco Armory building — an imposing brick castle that holds appeal for a range of visitors, including military and history fans — a tour of which will doubtlessly impress many extreme porn fans into making a purchase or two.

Your results will vary, but staging, sponsoring and participating in events is a proven way to raise awareness and loyalty for your website and offer. Try it for yourself and see.


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