ANME Show, Day One

Kim Airs

Okay, I'm happy to be slappin' in a post that's got the latest and the greatest in it... so far!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending ANME in Burbank to check out the latest in sex toys and other pleasure products that go in your body or on it. As many of you may know, the show is basically divided into two main showrooms with exhibitors also displaying in booths in the hall around the main convention room. I find it easy to separate them by visiting one room, one day then taking the other day to visit the other. It takes me that long because I dig into what exhibitors have to offer, take notes, learn a lot about trends and technologies, and of course, schmooze my ass off.

So I visited the small room and this is what I discovered... lots of cool things! (And I didn't get to see everyone, either, so more later!).

From Vibratex is the latest addition to their Fresh series, a nifty little vibe called the Tulip. It's a small, thumb sized Tulip shaped vibe (natch) that, well, where do I start? First of all, it's silicone so the texture is clean and pure. It's battery powered and waterproof and has an incredible flexible neck to get to those REALLY hard to reach places. The vibrator is actually a small (think pinky sized) bullet that's nestled in the middle of the soft silicone tulip petals so the vibe can be used directly on the clit or thru the petals for those gals who might bet a little jumpy with a directly-applied clitoral vibe (yes, they're out there). Now this is where it gets really good: by pressing an easy-to-use, 6 variable speeds and pulses button controller, it not only changes the vibe BUT it lights up a pulse-coordinated light in the flexible center so you get a THRILLING matching light show, too! It's a winner and the MSRP is under thirty smackers! Get it!

displayed their latest wares in a new, walk thru booth that was inviting and enticing. Randy, the product developing poobah there, gave me a detailed tour as they have many new products that they are happy to share with pervs like me. They've introduced over 100 SKUs in their "Strictly Leather" series with some serious play leather products when you want to up your "Fifty Shades of Grey" and offer the next 51, 52, 53... you get the idea. There are lovely pink, blue, purple and black (natch) heavy duty restraints that are sure to thrill those kinkster customers of yours. Since XR LLC has been in the kink world for over 10 years, they know what they're doing.

But I think the hit of their booth, and what I REALLY loved at the show, was their daring and breath taking Metal Fist. Just when you've thought you've seen everything in this wacky world, you come across a metal fist. Yes, that's it in the picture... It weighs as much as an Oscar award (I've actually had the honor of holding one), and when I picked it up, I was immediately overtaken by exclaiming "I'd like to thank the Fisting Academy" as if one really exists (it should).

Well, there's lots more to write about, fill you in on, and all the other good stuff.  I am posting this the morning of the 2nd day of the show and I need to get my willing butt there to see what's gonna get me frisky once more.  Stay tuned!


In keeping with the previous post...

Once a guy goes to a whorehouse and knocks on the door. A small window opens and a woman says "Yeah, what do you want?" The guy responds "I wanna get fucked." "Sure," she replies. "Slip 50 bucks under the door." He reaches down and slides a 50 under the door.

Then he waits. After a few minutes, he knocks on the door and says "Hey! I wanna get fucked!"

Through the door, the woman replies "AGAIN?!?"